Been there, done that

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I am 26 this year. Only 26. I would say it’s still a prime age; young but having access to anything legal, and supposed to be mature. And yet, here I am, feeling too old for my age.

Our current batch of trainees are leaving today. I have been invited to join them to go to a club, to celebrate their last day. I have agreed at first, but on the day itself, after waking up, I decided against it. Why? I realized I am too old for that. Going to clubs to party is behind me now. I would admit that during my internship, when I was a trainee myself, I would go to clubs almost every week with my friends. Back then, we were 19 and 20 year old college kids. Above the legal age, but young enough to be laid off for anything drastic we do.

Now, seven years later, clubbing does not appeal to me as much as before. It equals having to join rowdy, noisy kids in their party of skimpy clothing and drunkenness. It means having to endure staying inside a jam-packed room, dancing or moving along with other sweat-slicked bodies on the dance floor, and shouting over the music just so the person beside you can hear you. Clubbing would be to drink cheaply made alcoholic drinks, and trying to hook up with some random cute guys whose definitely years younger than me. It would be part of a hangover equation that is definitely not worth dealing with during the following day’s work hours. And as a supposedly responsible working adult, I am expected to fulfill my duties, despite the physiological circumstances of my body.

Another colleague of mine, who is 2 years older than me, questioned my reason of “being too old for clubbing”. He still go to clubs if he is invited. So I just said, “been there, done that”. Clubbing is really behind me. I would voluntarily go to a bar, but club is a different story. I seek peace and laid-back ambiance, as compared to the loud noises of clubs.


I went on a face mask hunt.

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I have recently gotten back from my trip to Taipei, Taiwan. What I thought would be a cheap and budget travel turned out to be a shopping galore trip. Don’t ask me how. It just ended up that way.

For most of the blogs that I read about Taiwan travel, one of the things that is always there is face mask. It is always mentioned that face masks are cheaper in Taiwan as compared to Singapore. I have only recently been into frequently using face masks, so I wouldn’t know the price difference very much. Etude House’s face mask would cost at least over a dollar; so that’s a basis. Since face mask is a must buy in Taiwan, so buy I did. Maybe, I went a little overboard with face mask shopping but when there were so many to choose from, and with so many cute packaging, I just can’t help myself. I just have to purchase them.


These are basically what I bought for face masks. I purchase two boxes or pieces of some, which I did not put there so I actually have more than what is displayed in the photo. All the face masks that I bought are all made in Taiwan. I have My Beauty Diary, Beauty Buffet, Sexylook, Dr. Morita, My Scheming, Lovemore, L’Herboflore, Hey! Pink Go Girl, Hanaka, and Naruko. Yeah, I definitely went crazy buying all these face mask. But when they are being sold as 1-for-1, I don’t think anyone can help it. I don’t know if I will ever go back to Taiwan too, so I might as well stock up. (Note: the pink box of Naruko Collagen Booster firming mask has been taken by my housemate. So I am 8pieces less of face masks to use.)

Most of the brands that I read in the blogs were My Beauty Diary, Naruko, Dr. Morita, Sexylook, and L’herboflore. In my case, as long as I see that it is Made in Taiwan/MIT, I would no doubt purchase it. Most shops selling beauty products, such as Watsons and Cosmed (which are literally in every street corner), are selling most of the brands. Cosmed has more face mask options though. Poya, another store selling not only beauty and skin care products, have fewer stores but they have more options for mask sold in individual packs. So if you ate not planning on bulk buying like I did, that is a better option. Some shops like 86Shop and Little 3 are selling other brands that are not sold in Watsons, Cosmed, and Poya too.


Beauty Buffet is specially made for Watsons, hence you could only purchase it at a Watsons stores in Taiwan. I have not read much about it, but I got a box that is being sold for only Ntd399 containing 32pieces of mask, in 4 types, namely Rice Wine Yeast Moisturizing mask, Rose Water brightening mask, Black Pearl whitening mask and Cherry Blossom whitening mask. So I guess it maybe worth a try. Apparently, I can use it everyday too. I also got 4 boxes (4pieces per box) of Gudetama x Laimo face mask from the same brand at Ntd69 per box.


I got Hey! Pink Go Girl from Little 3, but 86Shop is also selling it. I have never read anything about it too, a relatively new brand of Taiwanese face mask from what I understand, but the packaging is too cute to ignore. So I purchased two of each mask. It is, unfortunately, only sold individually at Ntd 19 and Ntd39 (for the thicker pack, which are the green and white packs). Brightening white yogurt liftting lace mask and White tea and vitamin c mask are both using lace type of mask instead of the normal plain silk sheet. I am excited to open the package and see it for myself.


Hanaka is a brand that I have read in blogs, but the product that this brand is popular with seems to be the gel-type face mask. Why I did not buy that is a wonder to me too. I just seem to have problems with gel-type masks. I found the Chamomile and Royal Jelly mask at 86Shop at about Ntd90 each for a pack of five masks. They are also being sold individually, but buying the set is cheaper, and you get a pouch for the packaging too. I have a problem with oil and sebum, particularly in my T-zone. Hopefully, the one for oil control helps with it. I got the nose mask from Poya at about Ntd39 just so I could try it.


My Beauty Diary is like a very common brand of face mask in Taiwan. You could find it almost everywhere, and they come in a variety of types too. I like the Black Rose Brightening Mask. I have a guest from Taiwan who gave me a box of these during one of her visits to Singapore, and the mask is just really nice to use. The fit of it to my face is also just right, so I love using it. I bought other types of face mask  too which were Sahara Scenedesmus Oil Balancing mask and Mexico Anastatica Pore Refining mask. I hope the other two were as good as the Black Rose mask. My Beauty Diary seems like an institution in Taiwan with regards to face mask, so I have high hopes for the new products I am about to try.


Most of the My Scheming face masks that I bought from Poya were individual packs with very cute designs, each costs Ntd19 only. I got one of each type, except for Green Tea & Barley Whitening Mask, Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask, and Bamboo Charcoal + Volcano Mud Extract Pore Minimizing Mask, which I got two of each. I got a box of Gudetama face mask too (from Little 3), because why not? It’s cute alright! Also, I got a nose mask too to try it out.


L’Herboflore is one brand that I have a difficulty finding in every shop that I went to. I was just too excited and happy when I found a stall in Taipei 101 solely meant for this brand. The packaging is just too cute with artsy prints of nature. The face mask were sold individually for Nt60 each piece, which is way pricier than the other brands, but with the promotion that my friend availed, we got 15 masks (5 of which were mine) for free. I only paid an additional Ntd98 for an additional 5 masks. Hopefully, the masks would work better than the others in terms of quality as it seems to be more exclusive.

Honestly though, there was one brand that I was never able to find at all: Maskingdom. It might a specialized brand, like L’Herboflore which I only found at Taipei 101. Perhaps I should have tried locating that shop too, but I did not have that much time searching for a single shop. Maybe, the next time I visit Taiwan I will come prepared.

I have not used any of those yet, but once I am finished with whatever face mask from Etude and Innis free that I have, I will slowly start using these face mask. I only hope that they are compatible with my skin type. So far I did not have any problem with any of the face masks I have used, so I am hoping it remains that way.

Besides face mask, I have also purchase eye masks and nose masks.


I am very excited about the nose mask as I have never tried these before. Though the eye mask seems to have a promising effect too, but I still have a lot of eye mask I purchased from Guardian, so I am unable to use Dr. Morita’s yet. But I will one day.

It was very unfortunate that I did not buy any foot or hand mask. Yeah, Taiwan seems to have a mask for everything. Well, for my next visit, that will be part of the plan.

Whenever that maybe.

I am really becoming a skin care junkie.

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