Eye Mask and its cuteness

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First and foremost, this is not a review. I am just stating what I feel like about certain things, and this post happened to be about eye masks or patches or whatever they are actually called.

Facial sheet mask is very common. Now imagined a specified version of that for your under eye, and you get an eye mask/patch. As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently been into Korean skin care regimen, and part of that is the eye mask. It was also my sister who said that Etude House Eye Patch is a good product and so I tried it. I started with the Collagen eye patch, the ones in pink packets. Eventually, a sales personnel informed me that the 24k Gold Theraphy Collagen Eye Patch works the same way, is actually better, and is cheaper. So I bought it to try it out.


The Gold Collagen Eye Patch comes in a circular container with 30pairs of eye patches. So it is good for a full month’s use. As a collagen eye mask, it has this jelly-like texture. You put a pair in your under eye, and as it dries out, you will feel the skin around your eye area firms or tightens. Your skin eventually absorbs the essence, dehydrating the collagen eye patch. The product in general is pretty good. It helps reduce puffiness of the eyes and brightens it.

My new favorite, however, is the Bye Bye Eye Mask series from Guardian. The packaging is so cute and it was on 3-for-2 sale when I first bought it. I eventually bought more after trying it out.


So if you don’t find these cute, we just wouldn’t get along well in life. Period.

I think there were 6 kinds of eye mask in this series, each animal representing a different kind of benefit.

Obviously I only got 4 of them, because I think the other two are kind of redundant. The Bye Bye Stressful Eyes or Melon revitalizing Eye Mask (cat) has a soothing and revitalization effect.  The Bye Bye Dehydrated Eyes or Avocado perfecting eye mask (elephant) helps to moisturize and to improve fine lines. I feel like the four in the picture addresses more of my concerns. And my favorites are the Bye Bye Panda Eyes/cocoa brightening eye mask and Bye Bye Tired Eyes/cucumber moisturizing eye mask.

So these are eye patch sheets soaked in their essence to address different beauty concerns, and individually packed in overly adorable packs. The essence also smells very nice, especially the cocoa. I keep mine in the fridge to keep them cool, so whenever I want to use them, my eyes cools down too. I use way too much computer, so cool patches are kind of refreshing, and is very welcome.

Unlike the gold collagen eye patches, these eye mask doesn’t make the skin around your eye area tightens. At least not as quickly, while it dries up and your skin absorbs the essence. I always used the cocoa brightening mask and alternate the others in between. The effect would be noticeable after a few use.

I have a very weird and bad sleeping habits; sometimes I wouldn’t be able to sleep, other times I oversleep. I work on a shifting schedule and a proper sleep pattern is hard to come by. It would be good if I get the same shift for a full week. With my sleep pattern as it is, together with an unhealthy eating habit, I sometimes wonder why I bother soendung money on beauty products. I know it would help but it would be difficult with my kind of lifestyle. Still I enjoy the pampering I do to myself just to keep up appearances.

By the wayn would probably go to Guardian again to hoard more of those cute eye masks. I just can’t get enough of them. I know, I’m obsessing.

Speaking of masks, I am planning to purchase a lot of sheet mask from Taiwan on my next trip. Do check my Instagram for my travel updates. 😁


I am becoming a skin care junkie.

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I would say that I have been exercising a skin care routine ever since I can remember. I had a breakout when I was in high school, and my mom gave me a local brand of cleansers. Ever since then I have been using the same brand – Eskinol.

I have only been practicing the basic facial cleaning regimen, which has been effective for me. Cleanse, exfoliate, and tone. I never used a moisturizer back then. I had a mind set that cleaning and toning is enough.

Over the years, I have expanded my skin care regimen. With several products out in the market addressing different concerns, it surely is difficult to choose which one is beneficial and compatible to your skin. I had the same problem too. Still have actually. It’s not easy if you want to address different problems at once.

I started to buy Body Shop products, to pamper myself once a week, with exfoliation, wash-off mask, and night creams. That was my new skin care for a few years. Then, recently, my sister introduced me to Etude House and other Korean skin care products. And I took the bait.

I have been using these Korean products for a few months now. With what I have been using so far, I have already been told that I looked younger. That means that the products are working their magic. I’m so happy!

I am still trying different products that work better for my skin type, and my excessive sebum problem. The products so far are working to control the sebum, but once midday rolls around, my face is just really oily, particularly the T-zone.

I’ve been reading a lot about how this Korean skin care routine works, because everyone will probably agree that it gets confusing. Which comes first, and which does what. But with the products that I am using, I am happy just being able to find the ones that are a keeper for me.

And yeah, trying to be a beauty costs money.

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