Been there, done that

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I am 26 this year. Only 26. I would say it’s still a prime age; young but having access to anything legal, and supposed to be mature. And yet, here I am, feeling too old for my age.

Our current batch of trainees are leaving today. I have been invited to join them to go to a club, to celebrate their last day. I have agreed at first, but on the day itself, after waking up, I decided against it. Why? I realized I am too old for that. Going to clubs to party is behind me now. I would admit that during my internship, when I was a trainee myself, I would go to clubs almost every week with my friends. Back then, we were 19 and 20 year old college kids. Above the legal age, but young enough to be laid off for anything drastic we do.

Now, seven years later, clubbing does not appeal to me as much as before. It equals having to join rowdy, noisy kids in their party of skimpy clothing and drunkenness. It means having to endure staying inside a jam-packed room, dancing or moving along with other sweat-slicked bodies on the dance floor, and shouting over the music just so the person beside you can hear you. Clubbing would be to drink cheaply made alcoholic drinks, and trying to hook up with some random cute guys whose definitely years younger than me. It would be part of a hangover equation that is definitely not worth dealing with during the following day’s work hours. And as a supposedly responsible working adult, I am expected to fulfill my duties, despite the physiological circumstances of my body.

Another colleague of mine, who is 2 years older than me, questioned my reason of “being too old for clubbing”. He still go to clubs if he is invited. So I just said, “been there, done that”. Clubbing is really behind me. I would voluntarily go to a bar, but club is a different story. I seek peace and laid-back ambiance, as compared to the loud noises of clubs.


Stranger still

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I like to travel; most of the time alone. Many would say that it is a good opportunity to broaden your horizon, your scope of knowledge; to witness life in other places, something that is not your norm. In a way it is. You get to experience life in general, to see what is a common thing in a different land, to have a taste of a different culture, and to understand another language.

To some it is a way of escape. Going to a different land, away from your everyday, routine life, gives you a chance to discover a different part of yourself, soul searching to put it simply. Or it could be a way to ease your mind, and just relax you body from your everyday stresses. Perhaps to recreate yourself, be a different person than how you normally are. Travelling solo opens up that opportunity for you.

Travelling to a stranger’s land, where you know no one, nor anyone knows you, and everything is completely different, gives you a kind of thrill, a mix of excitement and fear. It sparks a kind of courage you didn’t know you have, and kindles a curiosity and thirst for something new and different. It boosts your energy just so you could fulfill a once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure.

My basic reason for travelling solo is the difficulty to arrange a travel plan with friends, specially if everyone is working in different places. It doesn’t give you the kind of hassle of always waiting for someone, or always considering someone whenever you go about the day. You can always change your plan however you see fit. Over the period of time that I have been travelling alone, which wasn’t very long to be honest, I have compared cities within the same country, its way of life, the good and bad attributes of each. I have appreciated the simple things, enjoyed a meal I normal wouldn’t have, and opened up to newly met people. I was more outgoing and fearless. Being on a different country, with no one to support me, seems to awaken another personality from deep inside me. It feels like I am myself but at the same time I am different.

Don’t you have times when you feel like you are a stranger even to your own self? The best time to unravel that personality is when travelling solo. As a bonus, you get to expand you network of friends.


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