Meet my beloved babies that I always bring on my adventures.

Canon PowerShot G11

I bought this camera on August 2010 in Singapore and that makes him two years in my ownership this year. I brought along my friend who’s a lot older than me because he knows the nature of the business in this country since he is a local.

I bought it in a store in Sim Lim Square where my friend is a regular customer. The cost given to me was a little over S$700 but I want an extra battery and there were charges if paying using a card so the total was S$800. The camera, two batteries and a bag. I don’t think so it was a bad deal although I might have gotten a better bargain if we went around the shopping center.

Well, I’m still in love with this camera despite having it for some time now. And, I’m falling in love with it even more. 🙂

Holga 135BC

This was toy camera bought on June 2012. I want to have a try in film or analogue photography and this is a cheap alternative for that. I’ve only had it for less than a month now and I’ve only used one film. So far, however, I’ve had a good share of fun with it. I’m still on the process of figuring out how it works properly and I still can’t let go of my G11. It’s actually quite bothersome bring two cameras every time I’m going out for photography.

Apple Ipod Touch 4th Generation

It’s not actually a camera but it’s one of the devices I use to take photos. I’ve bought this device on October 2010 in Singapore. Of course I am using free applications to take and edit pictures. I usually use this whenever I did not bring my G11 or Holga with me. It’s the most convenient gadget I have so far but I will have to change it one day. It’s actually on the verge of dying and I’m afraid any time now it will just die on me.

Canon EOS 60D

This is one camera that I have invested in and my first single lens reflex. Bought on November 2012 and being used every now and then. I used to not like SLRs because they were bulky and heavy but I finally realized that my G11 has its limitations. What convinced me into buying an SLR was the Bulb feature that was usually only found in SLRs. I actually loved that feature.


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