Know why?

I just happened to come across a few blogs that were WordPress-ed. Then one night, I just signed up to know what’s the difference. I have Blogspot, Tumblr and Multiply; I use these sites for different purposes, like an online journal, photo album or photo-journal. Honestly, it’s quite difficult to maintain and keep all these sites updated, but oh well, I liked it that way. It maybe way too organized that it looks oh-so-messy, though.

By the way, I am not a consistent blogger. In person, I may portray a different personality. Well, most of us have our alter-egos, anyway. I usually describe myself as weird and sometimes think of myself as random, if that’s the word. And no, spontaneous just doesn’t cut it right. I’m also the quiet-type of person. I’d actually sit on a bench in the bus stop and watch the people within my range. And it’s not disgusting or creepy or freaky. It’s called observation, or a method to study human behaviour for a better reason. I’m no psychology student whatsoever, just plain weirdo.

I like photography and I am not a professional photographer. Actually, it’s quite a struggle for me. I’m still on the process of fully understanding it. I got myself a high-end digital compact camera, Canon Powershot G11, for my own photography career. Now, after some years, I’m deciding to get myself a digital single lens reflex camera to level up my skills, and photos as well. I’m also learning to grasp the basics of film-slash-analogue photography. I was there once, a long time ago, but not the complex one. Basically my photography is like…I just capture whatever in my lens, depending on my mood, on what I see, on what interests me, randomly. There are times when I don’t know if I should be amazed with myslef or with the camera. Some photos will just come out so good that I will just say it’s all the camera’s trick. Oh! And, by the way, I am easily influenced. So if there’s something interesting I see, I try my best to get my version of that photo. It’s also a kind of learning technique and I get to discover more about my camera.

And yes, I seem to say a lot when pulled deep into my own train of thoughts. So, basically, this blog will contain my caprices and whims, and interests and thoughts, and dreams and wishes. Probably complaints as well. And books I’ve read or statements that touch me or stories I heard personally. I’m also bit of a wanderlust, of course, in random places too. So I am sure to have great advenures and fantastic places waiting for me. And, I will be sure to tell what food is good at what place or which place has what good food. Why? Because I’m also a foodie but moody. In the end, I’m just so random.

Photography enthusiast. Moody foodie. Lone wanderlust. Weirdo. Call me whatever suits you best, but my username here is thestreetcat. And this blog – the turtle trail – is my own share in the virtual world, even though I hold a number of other blogs. It’s out of the blue but I guess I have to state my catch line? There is no need to rush to see things behind my lens, to experience more of reality, or to pamper my palettes with a burst of flavors. After all The Turtle Trail is about how my life is slowly unfolding with every little thing taking place in it’s own pace.

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