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28/06/2017 § Leave a comment

I have a long list of places I want to see and countries I need to visit. As of the moment, I have decided on 4 other cities to visit, namely Bangkok, Tokyo, Hanoi, and Yangon-Bagan. They would be after my next trip which would be in Taipei. I might also go to Philippines to celebrate Christmas too.

Anyways, I managed to plan my trip, with enough time for getting lost I hope, all with the help of Google Maps. I have my destination and timings in my itinerary. Usually I go according to my mood, which means, I might cancel some stuff in it as I see fit. My priority was to visit Jiufen and Shifen, so I am ready to allocate more time for that, and cancel the others that I also add in to my itinerary should it become necessary. I have also included a visit to Tamsui, and of course, a sunrise and sunset viewing from Elephant Mountain. My colleague can’t get enough of my Starbucks at Taipei 101. I just have to, because where else can you find a Starbucks that needs reservation, with limited time for a visit and requires dress code? Only in Taipei. Come on. Okay, I have no idea about the one in Hongkong because I have not been there, but I will be. One day.


By the way, I’ll be in Taipei from 8th to 12th July. I’m really excited about it. Work’s been horrible to me recently so I need a change of scenery and pace. I’m definitely active in Instagram, and I’m gonna be using #thestreetcatgoestoTW and #thestreatcatTW for my posts and photos from this upcoming trip. Check it out. 😊


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