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I always believe that work, anywhere you are, is always the same. It makes you feel stressed, accomplished, self-defeated, acknowledged, and fulfilled. It is a roller-coaster of everything, because even if you don’t want to, work will definitely take up most of your everyday life, or really, your life in general. There were a fair a mount of downs and fucked ups, you wouldn’t be able to help it. I think, however, that the ups and accomplishments and lessons gained from them are much more satisfying at the end of the day. Work is work, and wherever you go, it will remain as what it is.

Though work remains the same, I believe that the people you are working with, your boss, and the management, makes the workload either harder of lighter. You wouldn’t want to work for a company or a boss that requires you to work over ten hours each day without proper compensation, simply because your contract states that you will be required to work overtime when needed. ‘When needed’ is such a vague statement in an argument. It could be 2 or more hours each of your working day, and by the end of the month, your entire work hours is just as good as working without rest day for the whole month. I’ve been there and it wasn’t a very happy situation for me.

A good management, and in extension, a boss, could only affect your work so much as they have better things to do. The colleagues you are actually working with are the ones who are greatly affecting your workload, your mood, and the environment you are working with in general. And in my line of work, which is the hospitality industry, people easily come and go. There were always new ones that needed training, and guidance. There were always people who needs to learn from scratch. And in my years of working in this line, I have learned to dislike newbies, or training new people. Sure they are fresh, and easier to train, but I do not like the idea of training other people. I am not a teacher for heaven’s sake, and I strongly believe in my incompetence in teaching other people. I have to bear  with it though, as it comes with the job scope. As I said, work is work.

Training actually is just the same for everyone. We explain and tell new people the same thing, the tasks of each shifts and the basics of what we needed to do. A week of training someone is both fun and a little stressful, especially when you can see that that person is not even making any effort to apply what was taught to him/her. I particularly do not like repeating myself a number of times within an hour, save for the check-in and check-out spiel that I easily blurt out of reflex. It is one thing when you explained it to them and they don’t get it when they try to do it the first time. Second time is for trying again, trying to figure out what they missed. Third time is for polishing but less mistakes on their part is to be expected. The fourth, if they still screw up like they didn’t do it before is a different story entirely. As I said, I do not like repeating myself. Half the time I will also not bother on how other people do their work so long as they do it properly. But if I told them not to do something, but they still did it half an hour later, I will just go ‘What the fuck are you doing?!”

Training new people should be easy, even if they don’t have experience. It is just a matter  of getting used to doing the work which takes a while. Training new people who seems to have difficulty processing what has been told to them is a challenge. If that new person, however, still does not understand what you are saying after explaining it in three different manner, then, I seriously think that person has a problem he/she needs to work on. In our line of work, it is always training on the job, meaning, you learn what you need to do while actually working. Screwing up is acceptable, because your new, and it is unavoidable. But doing the same mistake over and over again means that you actually did not learn anything from previous mistakes.

For the previous week, I worked with this considerably new girl (she’s been in the company for three months but was mostly in another section, and was only one month in our section). I have worked with her before but I am not the person who’s actually teaching her. We have basically taught her what she needed to do and learn. I thought she could work just fine, which for the most part is true. She knows the basic of the check-in and check-out, but she will still have questions of course. The problem is that she doesn’t ask when it actually matters. I am a mean senior, I know. Even if I am standing just beside her and watching what she is doing, I am not going to jump in and correct her if it is something basic, like nothing that will cause trouble. I can just explain it to her afterwards. The thing is, even after you explained to her what she did wrong after she did it, she will still do it.

In my five years of working in the company, she is the only person who made me yell in a scolding manner. Hands down to her. I think even my assistant manager, who we were working with at that time, was surprised with me. I am usually an easy-go-lucky type with lax standards, but once you pissed me off, you’ll definitely be marked as someone I should go away from for a certain reason. Anyway, there was another day that I was working with her and she actually did something drastic, that ended up making my blood boil. She did not do something that is very basic in our work, and we have to deal with it. My blood just instantly boiled, and I need to force myself to smile because I was in front of the guest, and even the forced smile, does not even come close to a cheery one. Once again, I need to scold her, and for the second time that week told her that ‘I don’t need you apology. I need you to remember what we were telling you.’

What ticks me off too is that when you are scolding her, or telling her something, she would just say yes as if she understood what you told her. In reality, she does not even get one thing that you told her. Like one fucking sorry can resolve the damage caused.


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