KH, F I N A L L Y !

18/06/2016 § Leave a comment

Hey there!

Yes, I’ve been away for so long and remember that I still have my Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan travels unpublished? I have only done half of it. And I must add Ilocos, Philippines to the list. And the upcoming trip to the land of Khmer.

I’m probably making a big fuss about this Cambodia trip, but to be honest, I originally planned to go there two years ago. By myself. Before I had an accident that had me cooped up in our house in the Philippines for almost three months. Well, sh** happens, and that’s life. That year though, I started traveling to different countries alone, starting with Phuket, Thailand, followed by Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, then Kansai region of Japan. That being said, I wonder if finally having the opportunity to see Cambodia will end my thirst for new places and my solo travels… Let’s hope not, because I already have my next destination in mind.

So, this trip is like a shotgun, a last minute kinda thing (but I booked my flights 1 month prior!), and there’s not much I know about the country. I just recently found out about basic information. Now, I’m the in the middle of deciding on a rough itinerary, because it’s not going to be done as planned for sure. Hopefully I could get a small group tour in the hotel where I will be staying at, or to at least get a not so pricey transport to drive me around.

Basically, all I know is that I will get to see the ruined temples, I’m going to the mountains and jungle. And that I will be seeing a circus show and a traditional dance. And my five days four nights trip is hopefully sufficient to cover as much as I could with the things I want to see. That’s why I need to plan my itinerary properly, to save time!

I’m also thinking of getting a normal laptop because my ASUS baby right now, though handy and pretty efficient, is not exactly multi tasking with it’s limited USB outlets. That’s another story though.

I really hope to enjoy the trip.



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