Small Kitchen Big Heart

13/02/2016 § Leave a comment

Brownie tart is not a foreign name to me, not when I love desserts, and my Tumblr feed is literally overflowing with photos of all the sweet desserts and pastries. And when I finally get my hands on one, I can’t stop my cravings for it.

The one that I have tried, and easily made me love it, is from Small Kitchen Big Heart. It was basically a shop that sells pastries online, though I am not sure if they own a physically bake shop as well. The catch: its base of operations is in Surabaya, Indonesia…across the sea, and about two hours by plane (I think!).

So how did I manage to come across this gem? I have a colleague who was from the city, and her friend actually owns the shop.  It was only recently opened, maybe a year or two. Whenever she returns to Singapore from her visits home, she never fails to bring some goodies for souvenirs. It was last year that she brought back those brownie tarts, and I was lucky to be on shift then, for I was able to try those heavenly treat. So when I learned that she’s visiting home again, I kept on repeating to her to buy some for me, and of  course she did. I’ll be so brokenhearted if she did not.

It was a simple tart, with brownie inside, and a piece of Hershey’s on top. I like the tart because it was not crumbling upon contact, and the brownie was baked just right. I was pretty particular with brownies, because most often than not, they are hard and dry. This one, however, is moist even after a day or two out of the oven, and soft. And you can taste the chocolate flavor too, and not only because of the literal chocolate piece on top. Bottom line, it was a good treat for me.

I have not tried any other brownie tarts so I really have no basis for comparison. But I can at least say that it’s worth a try. If you ever happen to be in the city, you could probably add it to your to-do-list’s. It would be ideal if you can place an order online to prevent all the delays and hassles, and to give yourself the chance to decide if you want more. Here’s the site, better check it out. Since it was hand-delivered to me by my colleague I have no idea about their arrangements, nor the cost. But it would all be definitely worth it.


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