Last two days

06/12/2015 § Leave a comment

Alright! I have some time right now, as compared to what I initially thought that I won’t be in WP for at least two more weeks. Mainly because I was pretty much locked outside the house while my friend, who’s hosting my lodging, is out for yaki-niku.

Yes, I’m still in japan for my holiday. It’s sinking in now that an eleven-day trip for Kansai only is a little too long. Or really too long. But if I want to really go through every city in every prefecture of the region and actually enjoy every single one, that’s probably not enough. I’m taking my time and I also go to places where most tourists wouldn’t even go, like Kurama-dera and Mount Rokko. Going there takes too long and it’s not very wise place to visit for a short term stay were you want to see as much as you can, granted that usually tourists only stay in the city for at most five days. Oh well, I did go there. I even went to Iga Ueno which is really far from where I was staying. It also took me five effin hours just to get there.

My thoughts about the Kansai region of Japan, and Japan in general so far? Great. The country is really beutiful no matter where I go. It’s like every part of Japan has something to amaze me. Even the train system, which by the way had me lost a number of times, is becoming something very familiar to me now. The food is great, except I don’t always eat proper meals because I keep on munching down snacks I see on the road, and I don’t understand what’s written in the menu. The train ride itself and its breathtaking sceneries. The one I really fell in love with is the ride from Demachiyanagi Station to Kurama Station. I’ll let you know more about it when I make a post about my Japan trip, because I must. (Yes, my Vietnam trips are still on pending.)

So far, everything is just beautiful and great. Even if I got lost, or almost couldn’t find my way home, or had a tiring time figuring out my destination route, or aching feet because I walked for far too long. I love everything here. Really. You can check my Instagram for initially snapshots. There should be a link somewhere in my homepage.

So, that’s it for now. A+


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