Post Happy Christmas

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This year was not the same as the last.

First, I did not go to Bukit Panjang for Christmas where I have celebrated it almost every ear without fail, except this year apparently. I could not help it. They were not in the house on the eve, and probably on the very day either.IN exchange, they invited me to come over for New Year’s which just so happens to be convenient to my every tight schedule.

Secondly, it was my first Christmas actually spent full time in Reception. I did not know how busy they actually are, but granted that we did not hit a hundred percent this year, it was probably better than last year’s. It was however, still busy. For the past week that I have been doing morning shift, it’s been pretty quiet between seven to ten in the morning. After I come back from my much deserved lunch break, it will start to be a mess. Until the end of my shift that I still have to stay for an hour or two because I need to finish attending to the guests and check my transactions. I don’t really mind, except when I am already off duty and hidden in the safety of the back office, and my colleagues would still look for me because the guest either wanted to speak only to me, or because I blocked the room for the guest but did not really see the guest. I wanna ask them, “what will you do if I am already out of the hotel? Will you call me and ask me to come back just because the guest wanted to speak only to me?” And I will definitely fill that with as much sarcasm and ill-intent I could muster with a smiling face.

Honestly, it did not feel like Christmas at all. I did go out for dinner with my friends though, and got really drunk on 23rd, and had a hang over on 24th when it was apparently busy. It wasn’t a terrible hangover that I can’t even stand up without having to puke, but the mild kind where there is just a feeling of slight dizziness. And the food wasn’t exactly Christmas eve-y too….

It’s the next year next week, and to sum up my year, it’s been one whole year of greatness, fun and travelling. I hope next year will be just as fun, and maybe more fulfilling too.


Find Me: Chapter One

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Levi stirred in his sleep, turning on his side feeling the unfamiliar warmth provided by his sheets. Even in his half awake state of consciousness, he felt rather obviously the difference. He had woken up in the same place for over ten years, using the same brand of linens, if not the exact same products, he felt most comfortable with. He furrowed his brows to the unfamiliarity as he slowly opened his eyes. And suddenly he was fully awake

He sat up startled, almost jumping back, missing by a few centimeters falling off the bed. He stared at the sight in front of him, with eyes ever so slightly widened in shock. “What the fu-?!” the words died on his lips, as he snapped his head left and right, scanning what was around him.

Green walls, brown furniture, books scattered about the couch and its side table…nothing was remotely similar to the white wall of his ever neat and clean quarters. He eyed rather dangerously every item in the room, as if doing so would keep every item from attacking him. His glare was already deadly as it is, and the intensity in his glares could probably make even the unsuspecting, inanimate objects cower in fear. Then, he drew his gaze back to the figure sleeping beside him, snugly wrapped in the same sheets that was now gathered in his lap.

“Who…what the…where…?” He stuttered unintelligibly, being caught up in a situation he had no idea how came about. He tried to think back to the events of the day before, after he left the office as he joined his colleagues to go to a bar. It was already unusual for him to join them, and if not for the pestering of a certain dirty blond friend of his, he would definitely not go. All his mind was providing him however were blurred bits and pieces of images, he supposed were from last night, that he could not even put together as a whole picture, and a growing headache.

Levi has always been a morning person, and finding himself unable to think clearly in the morning has never happened before, except that one time when he turned twenty-one, and that event had included his friends and whole lot of alcohol. He swore he would never let that disaster happen again, and firmly stuck to his alcohol tolerance limit, which, to his credit, is very high. He at least knew that he was having a hang over, and that means that he had drunk like crazy the previous night. But how?

The person beside him stirred and snuggled closer to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. He immediately pushed off the arm and got off the bed, only to find himself almost naked, wearing only his boxers. Now, he was alarmed. He eyed the person on the bed with deathly glare, which is not noticed nor felt by the sleeping figure.

Chocolate brown locks in a messy bedhead, face of a seemingly innocent child, except the person is definitely not one, and its features are obviously that of a guy’s. The guy grunted in his sleep, stirring a little, before snuggling again on the warmth of the sheets, which covered him up to his neck. Levi wondered if he was even wearing anything beneath those dark green covers. No, he has worries he needed to address first.

“What the ever loving fuck happened?” He let out an exasperated sigh, a hand massaging his temples as he tried to look for familiar pieces of clothing. He only wished that whatever happened, his clothes were at least clean. He remembered wearing his new pair of suit and pants that he had bought on a whim despite it being a little above his budget. It had looked good on him, so he did not really bother about the price.

He found his white undershirt hanged neatly in what seemed to be a closet door. He walked to it, grabbed the item, inspected it before pulling it over his head. When it had finally settle on his torso, he heard a grumble behind him. He jerked towards the source, head snapping rather quickly that he felt it hurt a bit. There was the stranger, sitting up sluggishly, mouth open in a yawn, and arms above his head in a stretch. Levi noticed how toned the guy’s muscles were. He had a six pack! And he could see the muscles in his arms, flexing as he stretch, define and firm on his lean figure. Obviously, the guy was not wearing any shirt, and his sun-kissed skin seemed to be part of the interiors of the room.

“Done checking me out?” The voice was raspy and sleepy. He immediately brought his eyes to meet the other person’s, a pair of green orbs staring at him, with a smirk on his face.

“Who the fuck are you?” He asked without reservations. He had always been frank and said what is on his mind, not caring how it sounded to others. He knew that he had a harsh way of speaking. But that’s him, he was not going to change that now, nor ever.

The person looked taken aback, eyes widening, and brows going up. Levi thought he found amusement in the guy’s eyes rather than shock. “Is that how you greet people good morning?” The guy asked.

“I could say the same to you.” He answered snappily. “So, who are you?”

“Wow, Levi” He knew his name? How? “you don’t remember?” The guy, who obviously looked younger than him asked. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those guys who just wakes up and leave without a trace?” He continued with a snort.

“I don’t need to give you an answer, brat.” He curtly replied.

“Well, that counts as one.” The guy said cockily. “Anyway, what time is it?” He watched as the guy looked for any indication of time, which he found on the bedside table in the red lights of a digital clock. Then, the guy’s head snapped back at him, brows drawn together. “It’s only six! Oh my god! Levi how could you be up so early when you slept not even three hours ago?!” He asked incredulously, hands waving in the air.

“I’m a morning person.” Levi answered, noting how the guy knew what time he slept.

“Even on a Saturday morning when you don’t have to go to work?” He asked again. Levi doesn’t like to be interrogated, and the string of questions would have irritated him if not for the alarming fact that the guy also knew that he doesn’t have work on a Saturday. He could be working on a shifting schedule, so how did the guy know that he was working not working on a Saturday?

“Look, here, kid” Levi started watching the stranger scowl at the word ‘kid’, “if you’re not going to tell me who you are, or where is this, I’ll just leave. Just give me a couple minutes to gather my stuff.” Levi answered, making his way to his bag that was placed on the couch.

“What?” He heard his stranger exclaimed in a rather alerted tone, before he heard him clear his throat. “I mean, you know, you probably don’t remember either, but you don’t actually have your car here with you. Besides…” Levi looked at him, meeting his gaze head on with his usual poker face, waiting for him to continue. He definitely left his car in the parking space of his office, in favor of getting a ride to the bar. How did he also knew that?

“Well, your clothes actually got dirty, and I mean, really dirty, so I had it sent for washing. I had it for express cleaning but will only be returned tonight.” The guy turned his gaze away, with the slight hint of pink on his cheeks. Levi just hoped that it did not get dirty the way he was thinking. And to think that it was his new pair of suit and pants that was now part of his prized possession. Just no. Fuck!

“So you’re telling me to stay here until night time waiting for my clothes in just a shirt and boxers, in a stranger’s place?” He asked rather incredulously. The kid is gotta be kidding me! he thought.

“Well,” Levi watched the kid looked at him, doing a once-over, lingering more on his bare legs. Levi felt naked, granted that he actually is half-naked, but the way the kid look at him is just making him feel…strange? He could not describe it.

“First, you look good.” Levi felt himself stiffened. Oh god, he thought. “Also, you don’t have work and I don’t think you have any other plans besides, I don’t know, clean your place? Oh I know, I can let you clean my place?” He offered.

Okay. Just now much did the kid knew about him? He never told strangers stuff about himself. And it was bad that this stranger,who he had only met the night before, knew something very crucial about him that he definitely could not resist. He looked at the guy, who’s looking at him with hopeful big eyes. Levi realized that his eyes were not a simple green color, it was a bluish-green color, like the deep sea, and it was drawing him in, drowning him. Suddenly, an image of a pair of green orbs appeared in his head, looking straight at him, bright and sparkling and adoring. It was similar to the pair that was now looking at him.

“You better prepare yourself brat” Levi said before he could help it. He was shocked at his words, but he did not let it appear on his face. He watched as the guy who’s still sitting in bed, sheets gathered at his lap, process his word before his face beam up, rivaling the sun that was now creeping up the horizon. Rays of the morning sun seeped through the partly open curtains, landing on the guy with a big smile on his face, as if to congratulate him on a job well done.

Levi instantly knew that it was going to be a long day and he could feel his headache growing. Wait, what was the name of the stranger again?

I am not sure what I m doing honestly, but after typing a whole story, changing some parts again and again, I finally decide to retype the entire thing and start from what I have in mind. Which is now the one thousand six hundred words above. I’m on GMT +7 timezone so, Merry Christmas! And Happy Birthday Levi!

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