The day, finally.

29/11/2015 § Leave a comment

So it’s the 29th of November year 2015. The day I am finally flying to the Land of the Rising Sun, temples, castles, takoyakis, and animes.

Am I excited? Overly, I would say. I am so much excited that all the excitement had died down leaving me in a state  of patient waiting, and silent anticipation. No giddy fan-girl mode with squeals. Just an adult (though I really looked like a student still), with trained patience and composed attitude. Perhaps, my inner self has locked in a closed room the overly excited part of me, because, I’ll be honest, when I get too excited sometimes on the spot, things tend to be…well, damn bad. So as precautionary measures, they’ve locked Excitement somewhere in my inner world! She would be pitiful but it’s for her own good. Yes, I did watch Inside Out, it’s  cute and emotional and educational, alright.

Anyway, back to my trip…winter-suited clothes, basic toiletries, lodging address and contact details, camera, power bank and spare batteries, necessary documents, Japanese Yen, green and black nails, and short hair: ALL CHECKED. I painted my nails just last night and it turned out really nicely. I should have discovered top coat a long time ago. It’s the first time I did my nails in two solid colors though, apple green and black, given a matte finish. Few quarters after I did it though, I already chipped it, like always. Oh well, I love how it turned out anyway. I decided to be pastel-punk for my trip to Japan, but it will only be my nails.

Though I did bring a lot of clothes, I will still do a lot of shopping there as well. First in the list would be a pair of black boots, which of course, will also be used there. I failed to find nice black boots in affordable pricing in Singapore so might as well just purchase it there. And I want a coat too, in light color, since my winter jacket is already in dark blue color. And I’m getting myself cardigans and lots of other stuff too. Make p as well! When I checked in my luggage minutes earlier (yes, I’m already in the airport), it was only about 15-something kg and that leaves me 5kg allowance for my shopping and souvenirs. I still have my 7+3kg hand carry so I guess I should be safe.

My concern right now is if I happen to be in the same flight with our guests who are going back to Japan today, and they remember me. That’s so gonna be awkward because I don’t remember all our guests, and I already make an effort to remember the guests I checked in and those who I have assisted in the counter. It’s a matter of putting a name and room number to the face.

By the way, my original plan of staying in Japan for ten days changed to eleven days, because of flight conflicts. On my way back to Singapore on 8th, supposedly, I am transiting in Kaohshiung in taiwan, and I need Visa for Taiwan which I did not get. I did not really bothered about it  because I never planned on leaving the airport anyway but I want to be on the safe side and prevent hassles from getting back to Singapore. For all I knew, I might be deported back to Philippines instead! So I changed my flight to 9th, since that”s the only earliest flight available that’s not  going through a visa-required country for my passport. Yep, more money out but more hours to spend in Japan so I guess all’s good.

I’m happy to be going to Japan and this is yet another unplanned plan so I will just go there and decided what to do on which day. I at least have a plan for a day, just putting the plans on actual dates.

So, I think I should head to my boarding gate if I don’t want to be late for boarding. Well, I’ll be out of Singapore, and probably  won’t be posting anything else on WP for the next eleven days and a few more days until my next off after my leave.

Ciao! A+!


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