GY yet again

12/10/2015 § Leave a comment

I’ve mentioned before that I have been too hoked with AO3, SNK/AOT fanfics in particular. First off, I read if the writing style is to my liking, because despite myself, I can’t find it in me if I think that the way the story was written was so crappy, I’d rather drop it entirely. I already did with a couple of works, and I actually praise myself at the patience I put into it. Some stories have really interesting plot, starts smoothly, and becomes plain crappy somewhere in the middle. Some has really good plot, but the writing style is just not to my liking no matter how I wanted to see the end of the story. And some were just good that the stories put me into a rollercoaster of emotions. I finished reading one with 57 chapters and I actually cried somewhere in the story. There’s another story that is nearly making me turn into a creep. I find myself suppressing a squeal as I walk on the streets, being reminded of the story. I kept on biting my bottom lip to prevent a squeal or plain smile from appearing.

Anyway, I feel like I am nearing the end of my fanfiction fandom, but I might just jump to Tumblr because I saw relly good arts based on the fanfiction and I want to revel myself in them. If it wasn’t so obvious that I am one for creative arts rather than performing arts, I’m saying it now: I am.

I have also returned from Sai Gon, and I love the cafe’s there. The city has the coolest cafe’s I’ve ever seen. And I am most definitely coming back. I am off tomorrow, so I will try to make a draft of the cafes. You can see snapshots of the cafes I’ve visited in my Instagram though. I haven’t gotten into checking the memory card of my camera, so that might still take sometime. I still had a day off after I returned from Sai Gon but for some reason, I only used that time to rest, unpack my things and store them away, and actually clean my room, except the laundry. Then I went to work the following day and the rest is history.

I’m here typing this random blabber for no apparent reason. I feel like this was supposed to be a line or two kind of post but here I am on my nth sentence in this post. Oh, and remember the The Night I Met You slash Less Than Strangers story I made? I am waiting for a little bubble of creativity of pop so I will be showered with ideas. I created that story with a certain plot in mind, heck there have been a lot of stories that came and go in my head and never saw the light of day. And I kind of started something in regards to that story but since II have forgotten certain details about the first one, I have to reread my work again. I actually already edited a part of that story sometime ago before my old laptop decided to have a breakdown. I should remind myself to get an MS office software the next time I go outside for a little shopping escapade.

So yeah, this is written by a brain-sleeping me who would barely open her eyes let alone type the words properly. Alright, ’til my next post.

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