This is nothing but a rant.

22/09/2015 § Leave a comment

My travel plans for the last quarter of the year just got busted.

No, it’s not because of my manager cancelling my leave. Nor was it because an emergency matter suddenly popped up that needed immediate attention. I’m afraid the reason is not as complicated as that. It was simply because the friend I was supposed to be travelling with decided that he would postpone his travel plans to summer of 2016. And I came to know of it when I asked earlier today.

I was planning to go to Japan sometime between November and December. I had saved up all my paid leave just so I could stay in Japan for as much as I could. I could spend two full weeks in Japan if my manager would permit my leave to last that long. My friend has relatives living there so our accommodation would have been taken care of, and all I needed to spend on would be for my personal incidentals. I was extremely excited about this trip, I even call it my travel plan of the year. Because, c’mon! It’s Japan! Should there be any other reason not to be excited about the very idea of going there?

I had loved everything Japanese, besides Wasabi, ever since I can remember. And when I started travelling, I swear that  once I get the chance to go to the Land of the Rising Sun, I’d pull no stop at anything. Splurge if need be, so long as my account would permit. I’d visit as many places as I could, so much that I would probably not sleep at all. Get my camera in top condition and take photos non-stop that Japan itself  would probably get tired of me. There were a lot of things I could  think of doing, and would definitely do. I am extremely excited about the whole thing even though there had been no set plan yet. And suddenly, everything went down the drain.

My dream to experience Japan crumbled  within a matter of minutes from just a single sentence.

Long story short, due to my friend’s circumstances, he couldn’t go to Japan as we had planned to, not that there were any plans to begin with. He would still go, but not within this year. And now, I’m torn and lost. Should I proceed with my Japan trip all by myself, hotel expenses alone would probably already exceed my budget, even if I cut down my tour to a full week instead. Secondly, it wouldn’t be as fun if I’m by myself. Sure, I travel alone, which is much to my preference, but I just can’t see myself travelling to Japan and enjoying the country by myself. It’s just, I don’t know, sad? Though I could give it a shot. I am, after all, a wanderer.

Again, this is just a rant. An outlet where I can  let out some steam. I’m not angry at anyone, nor I am frustrated about the whole thing. I just hadn’t come into terms with myself as to what to do with the paid leave that I still need to consume towards the end of the year. I had already asked my other friend if they were thinking of any travel plans around the same time I had applied for my leave. Australia would be a nice alternative. I think it would be summer  then though. But I still need visa to enter the country.

For now, I just need to clear my mind, and think about my best course of action, which is honestly hard when you just finished a series of night shift and trying to keep yourself up until this early evening. I need to do research about other travel destination, and yes, I’m still going to try and find out how to travel to Japan the cheap way.

I’d be updating my Flickr account later with photos of my Malaysia and Vietnam escapade back in July.


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