Treasure called Outlet Store

18/09/2015 § Leave a comment

I have been a Body Shop fan ever since my colleagues introduced it to me. The products are good, and it was suitable for my skin. I do not have a sensitive skin to begin with but I use the products for the improvement and maintenance of my skin care routine. Now, most of the skin care products I use are from Body Shop.

Beauty products, be it make ups or the essential everyday skin care items, are pretty heavy in the pocket. That’s true, no matter the brand. In the age where looks are all that mattered, keeping yourself presentable would take your time and resources. In my case, I perform an intense facial cleaning and moisturizing of both my face and body at least once a week. Sometimes, I do my face twice, but only the basic cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. I am a working adult on shifting schedule, and I do not have all the time to follow a strict beauty routine. I just do whatever I can in the most convenient way I can.

That aside. I went to IMM mall at Jurong East. Yeah, what am I doing there when Orchard road is just minutes away from my place? Well, I initially went there to check the outlet store of Converse, when I came by a Body Shop store while looking for it. I just thought of looking around and stocking up on my body butter. But the moment I entered the shop, carefully screening the products on display, hoping something might catch my attention, I was immediately filled with excitement. The store is an outlet store. Well, actually something like that. The store only sells items that were either seasonal or promotional, or discontinued products with stocks to clear. So, they only have the products until stocks last. So if you are a fan of  a certain product that was only on promotion before, I’m telling you now to visit the store at IMM and try your luck to find your beloved product there.

I like the Raspberry Body Scrub that BS sold as a promotional item before. The thing is, it was only sold for a certain period of time before. And I actually only bought the product before because first, it’s cheaper, and I kind of liked the seeds in it for skin exfoliation. I am almost running out of stock on that, and it was by pure chance that the BS store in IMM has the product. Yep, I did not even bat an eyelash in bringing a couple of it straight to the counter.

The best part? Since the store sells only discontinued products, they sell it for a really cheap price you wouldn’t believe it, nor would you mind spending a lot in the store stocking up on your favorite products. 2 sets of the raspberry body scrub only costs S$30. I also got myself a couple of Brazilian Nut body butter, and each only costs S$10! Can you believe it? A long time ago, they would’ve sold a seasonal item between S$30 to S$32. Now, I paid for only one-third of the original price. Though, you would have to put into consideration the manufacturing date and stuff, but beauty products would normally lasts over two years. And I use my body butters every day, so yeah.

So, if you want to save big on your Body Shop expenses, I would advise you to visit their store at IMM. Or, wait for the big sale that they usually put every quarter so you can stock up on your favorite products.

Note: Purchases made at the Body Shop IMM store are not entitled for Body Shop membership points. Yeah, too bad but you get to save. A lot.

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