I call it Asus.

15/09/2015 § Leave a comment

I made an impulse buy of the year. And of my lifetime. I call him Asus.

I have mentioned in my previous posts how I messed up my 5-year old Asus notebook, compressing all the files, OS included, and how it have slowed down to the point of always lagging and hanging up on me. Being fed up with it’s unfriendliness, I have thought about buying a new notebook, one that could turn into a tablet as well. Once again, thought up. I have not really come into terms with myself whether to purchase a new one or purchase a plane ticket home and get my friend to reboot old notebook. Because, being practical, my old one still functions fine, and will function as it used to once again it was reformatted. It was a hassle though. So I have keep the idea as a pending to-do inside my head.

One day, during those days when I am so random I’ll do anything I just thought up, I went to Suntec again and check out IT stores for their notebooks. Well, my choices slimmed down to Acer Aspire Switch 11, Lenovo Yoga 3 and Dell Inspiron something. I ended up purchasing Acer, though I really do not trust the brand for no apparent reason. Yes, I purchased it after discussing with my friend, who happens to be my personal IT consultant and technician. Switch 11 just fits my preferences of having and I3 or higher processor, touch screen able, and cna turn into a tablet, and only 11.6 inches in size. It was almost the perfect one for my needs. And the price is just right. But, perhaps I was just not meant to be paired up with Acer.

I brought the Switch 11 home and tried it, wanting to further explore my new product so I could get the hang of it, especially its Windows 8 OS. While on the process of figuring it out, it kept on turning off due to the settings that I haven’t changed. And finally, it froze on start up. It was most definitely a new device and I don’t get why it would freeze. I had to do a hard reset on it, and the normal way to do a hard reset on hand phones or computers didn’t work on it. I had to poke that tiny button on the side to get it to work again. Really? A hard reset just hours after I purchased it?

After I got it to function again, I realized that the audio jack is not working. I have tried using three different earphones, but none of them worked. And the display still kept on turning off, even while I’m using it, despite having the setting changed to ‘never’ for the sleep and display off. I spent an entire night trying to figure out how to fix it rather than to explore the supposedly new device.

At 2 AM, I turned the device off, finally realizing that it isn’t worth my time. I used my phone to place a complaint to Harvey Norman about the newly purchased device. At 11AM, i got a call asking me if I could come to the store so my Acer witch 11 could be checked. I went as I was asked to, and apparently, nothing seems off when the product was in the store. The only problem is that the audio jack is just not working. They would have replaced the product with the same model but it would take two hours, as they need to get the stock on a different store. I asked if I could just get a replacement with a different brand, but similar device. They complied, and I settled, once again with Asus.

The replacement I got was Asus T300 Chi, a transformer notebook that could turn into tablet. Well, I don’t get the different screen positioning I would have gotten with Switch 11, and the I3 processor it has. Still, I’d rather settle for a simple notebook that turns into a tablet, with Core M Processor (I still think Intel I series is the best), and limited slots for external hardware connections, since it’s a brand I trust. I will mention once again that I had my Asus V series notebook with me for over five years. It fell, jammed the speakers and mic, broke the corners, but the system itself is working just perfectly fine, if I am not so stupid to touch the OS folders.

I did an impulse buy of my life, and I call it Asus.


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