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My notebook’s close to retiring. It’s already five years in my possession, and though it still functions as it should, it has gotten slow. And that part completely annoys me. I want things done quickly, and my notebook frequently lagging and hanging doesn’t help matters. I am thinking of buying a new one, and this time, I’ll try to be a little more techy.

I’ve read and seen photos of ASUS Taichi that could turn into a table with dual screen. I really like it but I haven’t seen the actual product here in Singapore. I’ve already tried looking at various stores but to no avail. Besides that probably is gonna cost me a fortune. I don’t need a dual-screen for any kind of presentation anyway. So I’m looking into trying out Lenovo YOGA series. It’s the one with the screen that could do a 360 turn. The one that has an I5 processor though are the bigger ones, and I’d only like to buy a 10-inch size. I have to check it again. My current notebook runs on I3 processor, so there’e no way I’m getting anything lower than that. And since I would only be using my notebook mostly for entertainment, I might as well get one tat would function well despite having so my soft wares and applications open at the same time. I have not really check Dell but the brand seem to offer some nice notebooks as well that would fit my taste. I’d prefer Asus if I could find one that suits my preferences, since it’s the same as my current one. So I need to study and explore my new notebook less. But, oh well. Can’t decide now.

It was just my luck that it was time for COMEX, and IT show where you could find everything electronics. I bought my 60D at SITEX last 2013, so I might find a good deal this time.

And this is out of the topic, but have you watched Attack on Titan movie yet? Yes, the movie with post-apocalyptic theme where giants are the enemy of what’s left of humanity. If yes, you know how I feel. If not, PLEASE JUST DON’T WATCH IT. If you’re a fan and was intending to see it, have doubts my friend. I was long over my craze for AoT  (Shingeki no Kyojin/SnK in Japanese), but I waited for the film. When news about a live action of the story came around, I was really excited. I waited for over a year and what do I get? A film that made me laugh at supposedly dreadful and gory scenes, and almost made me walked out of the cinema a couple of times, and made me go “WTF?!” at the end. I mean everything. When I saw the trailers, I knew that it wouldn’t be that great. I did not even see the film until it was almost out of cinema screens. I managed to watch the last few shows, and it exceeded my expectations. In a bad way. Given that the effects in the anime, which made it superb, could not be as great in the movie, I already have my thoughts that’s it’s not gonna be a great film. And I was right. Though I think that Eren’s titan form is pretty cool in the film, and the costumes and weaponry just never fail to amaze me, the movie in general was just a disappointment. I read the manga, so I follow the story. The movie plot was altered to give way to the movie time and how the story would flow without changing it entirely. The thing I was most disappointed about, and fuming mad about, was how they changed Levi’s character. He’s supposed to be the small but terrible character. Though I like Shikishima’s character in the film I’d still prefer my original Levi.



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