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21/08/2015 § Leave a comment

Hola!  I can’t believe how time passes by so quickly and I feel like I haven’t done anything worthy this past month. Yes, August is almost coming to a close. And I’m stilk stuck day-dreaming about my new room.

I have officialy moved to a new room, and now staying by myself. It actually feels like the days during my college years, when I am renting a room near my university. I’m also staying alone then. Thw difference is that now, I have a little bit more time for myself as compared to before. Am I enjoying living alone? I still don’t know yet. I have not fully settled in. I still need to visit Ikea, Daiso, and a few other stores, in order to make my room cozy and comfy. I really want a bean bag, a bedside table, and a carpet for my new room. I have just purchased a set of white linens for my bed, and a quilt, because I want my room to have the light and airy feel. The color white and other pastel colors seem fit to the idea.

There is a study table in my room, as part of the furnitures. It still looks so cluttered and in the processed of being tidied up. I haven’t got the time to actually do a thorough arrangement of my stuff since moving in. I atleast cleaned every nook and cranny of the room before I shifted my things. I have a lot of things, and it actually surprised me how less messy my room looks given the amount of my belongings.

I want ro make my room a little livelier than it actually is. So I’m thking of adding some DIY decors on the walls. There’s actually a basin that is not usable, and cannot be removed either, so I’m thinking of turning it into a vanity counter. That’s my major DIY project for my room make-over plan.

Phase One, which consists of the change of linens and additions of lightings, is still going on. My practical self does not want to waste laundry detergent to wash the sheets that I have only used for roughly two weeks. Phase two would be whatever I could do first. There rrally is not concrete plans for my room make over.

Work has been really busy lately that I usually just end up falling asleep after taking a good long warm shower. And I’m off tomorrow, or today rather. Plans? Another visit to Ikea, of course!




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