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19/03/2015 § Leave a comment

Oh, hey! Mae here. Yes, I’m still alive and I’m actually always online. I just reverted back to my geeky little self with my beloved comics. I sometimes hate myself for that because that habit of mine eats away at my supposedly social life. But I like to read and be alone in my own little world, so I can’t completely quit it. Honestly though, I need to read books and not just short graphic novels.

So what have I been up to these past two months or so that I wasn’t active here? Same old stuff, really. Some of my friends celebrate their birthdays on January and February, and these friends happen to celebrate on a month-long basis. So I was mostly out and about, eating here and there with them because it’s their ‘birthday’. I also met with my old friends, ate here and there, and visited houses for sleepovers. When I feel like I already met too much people, I tend to drift apart from everyone and clam up in my own little world again. And I did just that as soon as March arrived. I do not even post so much on my SNS accounts. It was like ‘just forget about me for a while, I’ll show up eventually when I feel like it’.

I also got into the habit of drawing anime-style human figures. I started following this Instagram user and I was just so fascinated with her/his art style that I tried imitating it. I also started following a few other different users who I thought had a great art style. I kept on drawing every single day for the whole month of February. I managed to somehow improve my style of drawing human faces and figures, and it made me really happy. I mean, come on, I am not so bad at drawing but my style was not something I can boast about. So improving it was just for my own satisfaction.

I also managed to increase the number of dishes that I can cook. I can now make sushi rice, inari sushi, mochi (actually still in progress), and my latest creation was Orange Chicken (Chinese style). I will post on my personal recipe about these dishes sometime on April. Yep, I was thinking on going back to blogging again. I think I will have more time to do that soon. I’m flying back to Philippines by the end of March and will be going to Marinduque. I can’t wait for my beach trip of the year.

I might have more changes in my lifestyle soon. I want to, so I will.

19th March 2015


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