Kitchen Miscellany: Orange Chicken

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I decided to try making this dish because I have too much oranges than I know what to do with. I have a flu and a terrible cold so I thought I needed lots of Vitamin C, so I bought lots of oranges. I also have coughing fits then so my boss told me to stop with the oranges, which I obediently followed. When I got better, I don’t know what to to with the oranges left. So I thought, why not make a dish out of it.

Back in school we made Poulet L’orange one time, which is basically roasted chicken with orange sauce, or in orange sauce. I don’t quite remember it perfectly but I really liked the taste of it back then. As much as I wanted to make that, I don’t have the proper tools for it. So, I tried searching for how I can use orange and chicken together in a different way. Then I found a dish which I remember having tried before. It’s a Chinese style orange chicken dish.

Honestly, this dish is still in the process of improvement but I really liked it’s tangy flavor with a little spice. The first time I tried it, I did not put any garlic or ginger, so it’s only sweet and tangy, which also tasted good. But, that’s it. Only sweet and tangy. So I thought why not try to add garlic, which I did on my second try. I added ginger on my third try, which satisfied my palate more than the first try.


Chicken (I like to use chicken breast)
Soy Sauce
Flour, or Starch
Garlic, crushed and minced, separate
Ginger, minced
Orange, 1-2
Orange zest, finely chopped
Honey, or sugar

1. Mix soy sauce, crushed garlic, and pepper in a bowl, to use as a marinate. I always add in lime whenever I marinate meat. Cut the chicken meat into cubes, or small pieces, and put in the soy sauce mixture. Set aside. The longer the meat sits on the marinate, the more flavorful it will become. So take your time and do something else first.
2. After marinating the chicken meat, use flour or starch to dust it. It’s only to keep the oil from going everywhere when you add in the meat into it.
3. Heat oil, enough to fry the chicken meat. Cook until the color turned brown. Once done cooking, place in a kitchen napkin so as to absorb much of the oil.
4. Cut the oranges in halves and squeeze out the juice. Add honey, or sugar, and mix well.
5. Heat a little beat of oil, and add minced garlic and ginger. Sautee until it becomes aromatic. Add in the finely chopped orange zests. Then, add the orange juice mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste, and let it simmer for a while.
6. Add in the fried chicken meat, and cook until the orange juice mixture thickens. Remove from heat, garnish with orange slices and spring onions (optional), and serve.

I enjoy this with rice as it is Asian’s main staple.

I’m sorry that there aren’t any measurements once again. I always cook for a single serving so, if you’re a good cook, you can manage, I think. I really don’t follow a proper measurements when cooking so…enjoy the experiment. 🙂


Moody Foodie Report: Kazbar

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I love to eat but I was never the adventurous type when it comes to food. As of recent years, however, I got used to eating out and trying new dishes, with friends of course. I realized that I wouldn’t know the finer things in life if I don’t go out of my comfort zone and try them for myself. So, with recommendations from friends, I managed to get myself acquainted with other kinds of cuisines.

I was always the one who would go for the conventional I-know-this-dish-so-I-will-order-it when eating outside, but I figured that I should stop that. I would actually check the menu, see the chef’s recommendations, and even ask the staff for their best seller or what they think was the best. There were other ways to be able to try out new food as well, you just have to put in a little effort so as to enjoy the good stuff.

Okay, I’m gonna stop with the random blabber. I just really want to share a restaurant that I tried out recently. The name is Kazbar, a restaurant and bar serving Middle Eastern and Turkish dishes. The resto was located at 25 Church Street, in the area of Raffles Place. It was my friend who was working in the area who recommended the place, since my other friend wanted something different.

It was a Friday night when we went for dinner, and just after office hours. I was kind of surprised to see how packed the area was. It was probably because of the happy hour in almost all the restos in the area. Fortunately, the place was easy to find, because I do not wish to walk around a couple of times in the place with so many people.

The place has a relaxed but a little upbeat vibe. The inside looked spacious but we decided to have a seat in the alfresco area. The lights were noticeably a little din, but I guess it was like that for most restaurants of the same theme. Anyway, we ordered what my friend had recommended for us. For starters we had Labneh and Merguez, and for main dish, we had Shish Taouk and Mix Kofta Kebab.


Labneh is a cold starter made of Greek yogurt mixed with garlic-infused oil and mint. It was served with warm pita bread. Merguez is spicy grilled sausage, choice of lamb or chicken, served with garlic sauce and homemade harissa. Shish Taouk is actually grilled chicken kebab. Mix Kofta kebab are grilled spiced minced lamb and chicken, made separately. I really am not sure how to describe the Kofta kebab, but it was also delicious.


The personal favorite of mine was the Labneh. I am not a very big fan of yogurts, and I have never tried the Greek ones before. But it being mixed together with garlic and mint flavors is really interesting. There was a taste that tease your palate to make you want to eat more. But you will eventually get sick of the flavor if you eat a lot. So take it as a starter, and do not make it your main dish. But I really love this dish so I will try making it at home.

Kazbar is a really nice place to hang out for drinks, and they even offer good food. Do note however that the place gets busy after office hours.

25 Church Street #01-03 Capital Square 3 S(049482)
Contact number: (+65) 6438 2975
Email address:

Operating Hours
Mon-Fri: 12nn to Midnight
Sat: 6pm to Midnight
Sun and PH: Closed

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