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Twelfth November Twenty-Thirteen.

I feel like the title was very serious. I like it though.

I’ve been only alive for twenty-two years. But I already felt the burden that comes together with growing up and entering adulthood at twenty-one. It was weird but it just felt like that. And odd enough, I had a few friends that had the same thoughts as mine.

I had this kind of mentality that I need to live my life to the fullest no matter the circumstances and consequences at the age of twenty-one. Like I am about to end a phase of my life and enter a new chapter in my story. It just felt like my teenage years will completely end at that age. There was no going back after that. My only option was to look forward and live on with whatever was awaiting me – adulthood.

Honestly, I still don’t understand what being an adult really meant. I was still in the early stages of this so-called adulthood. It sounds like a serious topic when talked about eh? What usually comes to mind when this term was heard were work, settling down, family, responsibilities, social life, and  money. We could think that not everything was significant, but they are.

When I was a student I used to think that adults have it easy with no homeworks, projects, exams, and waking up early in the morning. What’s more? They get to order kids around. At nineteen, I proved it all wrong.

I have always wanted to try working while studying which I have never really done with my lack of connections and resources. So when I went abroad for my on-the-job training, it became my first real time work experience. I actually considered it as working full time rather than training. It was my first work experience but I understood then that living the life of an adult was not exactly an easy thing like I thought it was. Hence the saying, “You still have a long way to go.”

Right now, I am an independent young adult. Living away from my family and working to earn money. Living alone was fine, but it gets a little tiring since I have to manage everything by myself. But I think that having a family is a lot more difficult because you will have to think about the welfare of everyone. For the time being, I will enjoy my time being a single adult. I know, however, that the time will come when I have to settle down and think not only of myself. But that will be in a future still unknown to me.



I was going through the drafts I have in this blog, I have more than fifty by the way, and I saw this. I think this is kind of nice so I wanted to publish it. It was dated twelfth November twenty-thirteen, and I am turning twenty four soon. Adulthood, though I could not say much about it actually, is difficult in a sense that you have a lot of legal and social responsibilities. On a brighter note, you have the freedom that you want, given that you are not married and without a family. Parents-free, making decisions for yourself, and doing the things that you want without anyone telling you to stop. I think it’s just the right balance of obligation and leisure.


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