Against Monotony

10/01/2015 § Leave a comment

I wish everyone a prosperous year of 2015!

I believe that this is the year of the Ram/Sheep/Goat. I really have a problem what to call the year I was born. I believe that many people gets confused with this as well. Anyway, I will be turning twenty-four this year too, and I like the sound of that number. My favorite number happens to be fifteen as well, as I was born on the 1st of May. So my birthday for this year will be 1.5.15. I know I am not making any sense here, but I was just saying that this year is ought to be a good one for me. So I really am looking forward to a great year.

But ten days past the new year, I am actually just lazily spending my days. I am still in hibernation mode, as the weather in the country I am in was moody, and mostly gloomy. But I will definitely be back to getting fit soon. And by soon I mean really soon. I should get rid of my lame excuses about the weather, or I am sleepy, or whatever that came to mind.

As to what I have been up to, I am just seriously being absorbed by my fandom about let’s-not-mention-it. I’m mostly busy with work too, and I have been doing more night shifts recently, which I think is good. Means more money for me. I have also been making plans about a ten-day holiday back home. Only the dates are confirmed as well as my flight. My plans are vaguely organized, but I know what I want to do, and I will do it. Ah, the best thing that happened to me recently, besides eating lots during the Christmas holidays, and attending another Cosplay event, is that I get to make new dishes. I can make a good katsudon now, and I even tried making Inari Sushi recently. I was just really happy about it. I at least wanted to learn making ten new recipes this year. But with the way things are now, I could probably make more than that.

I plan to learn at least one dish for every kind of cuisine out there. I am eyeing Mexican food every since I tried Baja Fresh. I feel like I need to learn to make my own guacamole. It’s just that I am not that fond of it yet to the point of whimsically buying avocados and whatnot to make it. I did that for the Inari Sushi. Without planning to I suddenly bought some of the ingredients needed for it, because I happen to see them. The following day, I made Inari sushi after work. It was edible but could be better. At least I got the procedure down in my head.

I have a big problem when trying out a new dish, I never exactly followed the recipe. If I kind of know how it should be done, especially after reading the recipe, I will try to amend it. I cancel out ingredients that I don’t think is necessary, and I even change procedures. Bottom line, I try to make my own recipe even though it’s the first time I am making the dish. The good thing is that so far, the dishes I make still turned out edible, of better than I expected, the first time I make them. Probably because I was still kind of wary the first time. I usually screw up more the second time, for some reason.

Ah, I really have nothing to say for now. I am still as lazy as ever. Ciao for now.

10th January 2015

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