100 Things to do for 2015

31/12/2014 § Leave a comment

It’s that time of the year again where we try to plan our life for the following year while filled with excitement and expectations. Since I am one of those people who has nothing very exciting to do in their life, I made myself a list of random things to do for the following year. I HOPE to get everything in the list done, but I still consider, and have allowances for, what could be in store for me on 2015. I haven’t finished my list even though it’s already this time, so feel free to add whatever you feel like wanting to do for next year. I have a good advise: Ask your friend to help you fill up your list.


1. Play darts.
2. Play beer pong.
3. Enter a competition of any kind.
4. Watch a theater play.
5. Watch an old film (screened on early ’90s).
6. Play a new sport.
7. Win something through an online competition.
8. Plan a birthday party.
9. Travel overseas.
10. Visit a museum.
11. Organize and execute a photoshoot.
12. Go to the beach.
13. Watch an entire TV series.
14. Watch 20 movies released in 2015.
15. Read 30 books.
16. Watch 10 animated films.
17. Buy a CD of a music artist you really like.
18. Make a jack-o-lantern.
19. Attend a Halloween party.
20. Attend a cosplay convention.
21. Attend a music concert.
22. Go to a night festival.
23. Learn 10 new dishes.
24. Have 5 new dresses.
25. Run/jog an accumulated 500km throughout the year.
26. Paint something.
27. Give out handmade gifts.
28. Make a crafting project.
29. Make a nice espresso art.
30. Write a hand-written letter and send it by post.
31. Meet a new person.
32. Do a good deed for a random stranger.
33. Brighten someone’s day.
34. Cook a meal for another person.
35. Make a video.
36. Dine in a restaurant you’ve never been to, and eat a dish you’ve never had.
37. Go for cycling.
38. Visit an old friend.
39. Get a hair cut.
40. Dye your hair a different color.
41. Get a full body massage.
42. Treat yourself to a foot spa.
43. Try scuba diving.
44. Try an extreme sport.
45. Attend a class for learning something new.
46. Ride a boat.
47. Fly a kite.
48. Build a new friendship.
49. Learn to style your hair.
50. Attend a party.
51. Draw a portrait.
52. Play an instrument.
53. Have a sleepover.
54. Take portrait photos of people.
55. Visit a zoo.
56. Go to the aquarium.
57. Write a poem.
58. Finish writing a story.
59. Donate to a charity.
60. Go on a holiday trip.
61. Go to a bar a lone to chill.
62. Buy a new kitchen utensil.
63. Call a friend.
64. Share a really old photo of yourself.
65. Get a manicure and pedicure.
66. Break something.
67. Create a new cocktail drink recipe.
68. Ask someone for advice on anything.
69. Ask someone to take your photo.
70. Tell someone a quote.
71. Cry.
72. Be a volunteer on a charity work.
73. Buy a plushie.
74. Own a new gadget.
75. Go to the amusement park.
76. Own 2 new heels.
77. Discover a new hang-out place.
78. Create a new tea concoction.
79. Experience a long bus ride in a different country.
80. Move to a new place.
81. Ride a train in a different country.
82. Go for a mountain hiking.
83. Treat a friend to dinner.
84. Invite someone for coffee.
85 – 100. (I’ll leave it up to you.)

Note: Print out the list and keep it with you, like in your wallet or something so you can check it every now and then. By the end of year 2015, re-blog your own post and write a comment beside each item of what you did. Sounds good, yeah?


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