Against Monotony

14/12/2014 § Leave a comment

Well, hello once again!

Right now I am currently excited. You see, someone dropped me a mail through Flickr, saying that she was the person who was cosplaying as Ene during the previous Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, which happened on 5th, 6th and 7th December. I only attended the third day, and I took a photo of her then. Apparently, she saw the photo online, in Flickr probably. This is the first time that this happened to me. So I dropped her an email, as she was kind enough to give me her mail address. At first I was kinda suspicious whether she was the real person I took a photo of, or not. But I could not think of any reason as to why she would waste time to send me a short mail and lie. So I emailed her, and gave her the photos she requested, both edited and original ones. I don’t have that great editing skills, nor do I have a software to edit photos with all the effects necessary. That is why I am trying my best to improve my photography skills so I do not need to edit the photos at all.

Anyway (I’m getting side-tracked again), we have only exchanged a few emails as of now and I don’t think it would be necessary to email each other very often. But both of us think that it would be nice to keep in touch with each other so we exchanged blogs/sites that we manage, mainly Flickr and Tumblr. I already checked her accounts and man, she has some great photos and collection of action figures. I think that it is a great chance to meet a complete stranger who share the same interest as you do. Who knows? We might be really good friends because of our love for art and anime. And because of her, I realized that my Flickr and Tumblr accounts are so out-of-date. Interested in my accounts? Check them here: Tumblr and Flickr. You can actually just click the tabs on the side of my blog. That’s the same thing.

So what have I been to recently? Anime, art, and more anime. As I have mentioned, I recently attended an anime/cosplay convention which is Anime Festival Asia (AFA for short). It is an annual event in Singapore which I have never failed to attend since I learned of it back in 2012. I love to see the colorful and creative cosplays of people who have passion for it. It was fun to take their photos and they seem to enjoy what they were doing. And now, it gave me such an opportunity to be in touch with someone who has this kind of passion.

Besides the event, I have also visited another coffee shop in Singapore with a very unique interior – Wheeler’s Yard The Bicycle Atelier. If you happen to love cafe hunting, it is one good place to visit in Singapore. It’s a little out of the way but it’s worth the effort. You can feast your eyes for the creatively decorated cafe, and enjoy their good coffee. I believe it’s a win-win situation.

I have also done my fair share of shopping for this month, despite telling myself not to spend so much. But it’s December and Christmas season, so it’s a given that I would be spending on gifts. The problem is that, the year-end sale is just about to start and I like it more than any other sale period in Singapore. I wonder if there would be things I’d like to purchase this time?

13th December 2014

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