Wheeler’s Yard The Bicycle Atelier

06/12/2014 § Leave a comment

I went there to have coffee, not to buy some bicycle tires.

Hidden from all the bustles of the city is yet another artsy cafe combined with a bicycle store. What I like about cafes out of the city is that I get to see new things as I took my time getting to the cafe wherein I will definitely enjoy my coffee, strong or weak. I’ve been to various places in Singapore, and saw several things I didn’t know existed in this small country, all thanks to visiting out-of-the-way cafes. And my love for sightseeing and coffee just wouldn’t end if there were a number of cafes opening here and there. To be honest though, I wouldn’t want it to end.

This time, I visited a surprisingly spacious store, which I think could put another floor had the owner wanted to, at the area of Whampoa/Balestier (I really do not know howto divide Singapore into districts). Apparently, it was a warehouse turned into a cafe and bicycle shop. What’s interesting about this particular cafe, beside the unnecessary space, is the concept of the design. As the name Wheeler’s Yard goes, which is not only applicable because there is a store selling bikes and tires, the design of the store was also infused with bikes and all the necessary stuff involved in it, be it helmets or headphones. Once you enter the shop, you really wouldn’t know where to set your eyes on first. The bicycles place above the tables? The big calendar in the wall? The counter with several stuff crammed together? And several other things worth mentioning but will take too much space. It was too bad that I did not get a lot of photos because I was not in the mood for a cafe shot then. But I guarantee that it is a must-visit cafe for those who have eyes for artsy stuff.


Besides the design, which I find very unique and eye -catching, the coffee should also not be missed. So the shop may not be a coffee roaster’s unlike Chye Seng Huat Hardware or Toby’s Estate or Yahava, but they still serve you a cup of coffee worthy of praise. I am not well versed in all aspects of coffee, but once I like the taste of the coffee, it means that I like it, and I find their coffee very good. I have been to cafes which serve coffee that is not exactly to my liking, and I really do say it. I ordered, as usual, cappuccino, and of course I got myself two cups like I always do. Together with the coffee, I had a slice of carrot cake, as it became my normal order if nothing interesting was in the cake counter. The menu that they have for the coffee is typical, with all the common coffee drinks like Americano, Piccolo, Macchiato, and the such. No hand-crafted stuff that I saw on the list. Well, besides coffee, they also serve alcoholic drinks, which makes if more of a cafe than a fully-pledged coffee shop.

I read in some reviews that the food is not that good, but everyone agrees that the coffee is good, so it’s not only me. They really do serve a good cup of coffee, and my cappuccino also came with a latte art. I only went there for coffee, so it’s all good for me. Artsy designs, good coffee, and pleasant vibe…why else would I not recommend Wheeler’s Yard to be visited by others?


Wheeler’s Yard The Bicycle Atelier
28 Lorong Ampas Singapore 328781
+65 6254 9128
Click here to get to their page: Wheeler’s Yard


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