Against Monotony

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Since my work circumstances changed, I am kind of feeling frustrated for not being able to have time to think. I know I already mentioned this before, and I am just complaining, but I need an outlet. I do not even have the time to think about what to buy when I visit the supermarket after work. In the end I also forget about going to the supermarket because of wanting to go home as soon as possible. It was that kind of ‘no-time’, and tired. But it was not horrible. If anything, I was enjoying it.

Since I have been seeing a lot of people at work now, I do not really get the urge to meet other people. Even so, after doing a week of night shifts, I suddenly felt all depressed and wanted to see my friends. And I wasted no time in doing so. I had the day off on a Sunday and Monday following my night shifts. And I made sure I had plans for both days.

On Sunday, as it was my friends last day at work, we went out for dinner and drinks. We had a nice meal at Marriott Hotel Singapore’s Crossroads Cafe. I ordered a simple carbonara, while the others ordered Steak Sandwich for Al and Ed, and Club Sandwich for Joseph. The carbonara was so-so, but I would not hesitate to say that the steak sandwich was really nice. I wasn’t able to try the club sandwich so I have no comment on that. I just think that the menu for the cafe is a little too simple, or that they have a limited selection of items.



For drinks, since they were having a promotion of 1-for-1 for their cocktails we tried it. I got myself their signature cocktails: Persian Peach and Wasp’s Wings. Persian Peach was made of gin, honey, peach puree, lemon squeeze and soda.


Wasp’s Wings is made of Hennessey vsop, cointreau, campari, lemon squeeze, and honey. I liked this drink better because it was served with round ice. It was my first time seeing a round ice to be honest. Or maybe, my first time seeing it after my interest in cocktail mixing developed.

Then, Joseph mentioned about a bar serving $5 drinks so we went there. It was Five Tapas Bar at Cuppage. We just stayed there for two rounds of drinks and talked and laughed during our stay there. It was such a good time, and it was my first time seeing Joseph after three years of being in Singapore. Of course, I asked him a lot of things about himself, both personal and work related stuff.


Al also enjoyed the Christmas decors at Orchard Road. We took pictures here and there. I was pretty amazed at myself for being still alive by eleven in the evening. I believe that I was not able to sleep properly early that day but well, I managed to survive the day and even drank a couple of alcoholic drinks.

I kind of regretted that afterwards, just only a tiny little bit. I had been wanting to go for a morning run and I decided to do it on my off day so I did. Despite sleeping at two in the morning I still managed to wake up at six without the help of an alarm clock. So I went for a run after setting my laundry in the washing machine.

I was glad that I was able to go for a run because, first, I felt like I needed some morning sun in my body; second, I wanted to see the sunrise; and third, I need a serious exercise. The sunrise was so pretty that time too that I was overwhelmed by it. But before I was mesmerized by the beautiful scenery, I suffered a little bit of nausea, and I blame it all on the drinks. I only got it when I was almost at Marina Barrage anyway, so all is good. I really love the fresh breeze in the morning and the gentle warmth of the morning sun. Alright, that makes me sound so old again.

Then, I visited another friend in his workplace at Bukit Panjang – Ichiban Sushi. They have roughly the same menu as Ichiban Boshi but since it’s supposed to be a sushi place, I ordered a sushi. I wanted to eat Inari sushi but I saw something more interesting – Potato Inari maki sushi. It’s a sushi roll with sweet bean curd skin, and potato salad. It was very delicious and I wanted more but since we’re going to eat outside after, I did not. I also had a mango parfait which has a new refreshing flavor to it, and a curacao fizz. I ordered it initially because the color looks nice. It tasted nice too anyway.


I was craving for some burger and cheese fries so I suggested we eat at Wendy’s. The thing is, we have to go all the way to Orchard from Bukit Panjang for a meal. We did not mind though. We stayed there for a while, eating burger and catching up. I have not shown myself to him or to the others for sometime so there were a lot of things we talked about, and news to share.

It was already midnight then but my day off did not end there. I slept over at their place, and we watched Step Up All In. It was my first time watching a Step Up movie despite my sister owning a copy of all the movies. It was interesting and full of dancing and music. We like Moose (if I spelled that right) out of all the characters.

I requested that we have breakfast at Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar. I have not been to the place for a really long time so I wanted to go there. They agreed to it. I was really excited to have their coffee again. And I did not regret it. I even got a cute photo of the cappuccino I ordered. I also tried their cold brew. For breakfast I had the Huat Breakfast, which is a choice of egg dish, ham, sausage, potato salad and croissant.

29th November 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II


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