Against Monotony

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See, I totally had no time to update anything about myself. Heck, I do not even have the energy to think after work. I was not used to physical labor for the past three years so I can say that my new job scope is really tiring. On a lighter note, it was fun and the guests were very nice people. So far, I have not encountered any grumpy guest who would shout at my face. It was kind of rewarding to be addressed in your name and be treated as if you’re an equal to them.

So what have I been doing outside work? Eating and resting. I may have been putting on weight too. I seriously need to get back to doing proper runs and exercises. That might even help me with the physical labor I was doing for work as exercising can relax my muscles. Recently, too, I have been fond of eating prawn crackers that I could buy at Shen Siong for S$1.30.  I was also addicted to eating pandan cheese roll cake from Bengawan Solo. You could buy a slice for S$1.40 or a whole roll for S$8. The flavor was interesting because there was cheese with a thin layer of cream. I initially bought it because of the green color, and because it is something I believe I could eat, I decided to try it. I did not regret doing so. I really love the taste.


I have also thoroughly cleaned our place. It’s still some time before the New Year’s but I already did my spring cleaning. It was all caused by the owner of the place barging in our room at ten in the evening, just when me and my roommate is about to sleep, to fix the old air-con that has been malfunctioning for a few weeks now. I couldn’t say anything back when he said something about how dirty our room is, because that was the truth. So my on my rest day following that incident, I turned our room upside-down just to clean every corner, untouched and unseen spaces. Now I am maintaining the cleanliness of our room by cleaning it every other day, if not everyday. And for some unknown reasons, I was able to sleep soundly that time, while the window is open, the light is turned on, and someone is quietly fixing the air-con. I was probably really tired at work then.

Since I have started helping out in front for longer periods, I have spent less time in front of the computer. So I use the time outside work to keep myself updated of the latest manga and anime stories. I can’t believe that I have not read any manga for an entire week, even the ones that I am keenly following like, One Piece, Assassination Classroom, and Yamada and the Seven Witches. Well, I am currently helping out in the Operator right now so I have some time to use to fulfill my manga cravings.

Speaking of manga and anime, I have develop a certain fondness for a mangaka with the pen name of Shungiku Nakamura. Among the works that she have created, I have read Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica, and Junjou Mistake. The three titles were completely different stories that were somehow interrelated with each other, because some characters appears from one story appears on the other stories too. The three have the similar plot/story having to do with literature, editing, publishing, and writing. And all of them were Yaoi genre, or Boy’s Love (BL for short). I really am not a fan of yaoi, but I prefer it over yuri (Girl’s love). I tried reading both genres, but I really have not much liking towards yuri. I was reading a story which can be considered yuri but more of ‘slice of life’ and I am reading it because there was a weird and cute kid character in it who likes pudding. And yuri usually has a lot of drama in it, with both characters being female.

Anyways, Shungiku Nakamura’s works were very funny. So despite the R-18 graphics and art for the manga, I still read it for the laughs. Junjou Romantica and Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi also have anime adaptations, and there were not much R-18 scenes on it. The manga story is still a lot more funny though.

I have also watched Dracula Untold, finally, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have a certain fondness for Dracula story, so I was really interested in watching it. For TMNT, I just have the mindset to watch it upon hearing news of it. I was not really a fond of TMNT, even as a kid, but I like turtles, so that is probably why? But Donatello, Raphael, Michael Angelo, and Leonardo does not have the cuteness of the turtles though. Anyway, both films were really good, with Dracula being more of a drama, action and history story, and TMNT of action and comedy story. I will be posting my insights about Dracula Untold on a different post, just saying…

I am still stuck with the story that I am writing. I have not gotten the right mood to continue properly with it. I really wanted to finish it soon though. It will be the same kind of story as the ones that I have created so far, but with a slight touch of something different.

18th November 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II

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