Against Monotony: Good-bye free time

11/11/2014 § Leave a comment

Starting today, I am officially starting my shifts in another section of the department, but it is still considered a temporary transfer. For some reason, it seems that I could never be transferred permanently to a different section because of various circumstances. Well, at least now, I get the chance to learn new things,because doing the same thing for the past three years has become boring in all honesty.

As compared to my previous section, where I find myself having more time than I know how to spend wisely, my new section requires more moving around and guest involvement, in short, more physical labor and appearances. Oh, did I ever mention that I am in the service/hospitality line? If not,  well, there you have it. Today is only the first day and it was not even that busy but for some reason, I feel kind of tired from having to stand and walk for longer periods, which is the complete opposite of what I am used to doing. On the brighter side of things, I need the exercise for the good of my body so all the hard work more than worth it. And my tiredness is probably from not being able to sleep properly last night.

Anyway, since I get to spend less time to think about non-work related stuff, and more time to focus and do actual work, I also get less time to update my blogs. So I am probably going to be on hiatus again, or just not update my blog sometime. Which I really do not wish to do as I have been enjoying sharing a lot of non-sense stuff about my life, thoughts, and just about anything random. So I am just probably going to be updating my blog less than I have recently.

Just for the note, the Christmas flavors at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is already out. I am more aware of the Starbucks Christmas flavors so this is my first time trying CBTL’s. I can guarantee that they were all nice though because I have tried the coffee-based flavors already. Double Chocolate Peppermint Latte, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Latte, Red Velvet Cocoa, and Peppermint Tea Latte are the four coffee and tea flavors. You can also order the coffee latte’s s non-coffee based, just request it when you placed the order. Double Chocolate Peppermint and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle were the ones that I have already tried and I can say that they were very chocolaty. The drinks comes in rich chocolate flavor with a hint of peppermint or hazelnut that you would not miss. I love dark chocolate and peppermint chocolate drinks. Then I realized that they were not exactly Christmas flavors for me as I would have made them if I have the available ingredients. Well, since they have this joyful and seasonal vibe, I’ll let it slide.

10th November 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II



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