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After a week long working period, I was finally off from work. Sometimes, I find myself sounding really old if I say something along the line of excitement for off day. It feela like work is eating away at my time although that really isn’t the case. Honestly, I have a lot of time in my hands, and I sometimes waste it nonchalantly.

And since Deepavali and Halloween seasons are over, there’s only the Christmas holidays left for this year. Okay, maybe not in the whole world because there is still the National Heroes’ Day back in Philippines and maybe some other working and nonworking holidays unknown to me. But in Singapore, it’s already the Christmas season. Take a walk from Tanglin Road all the way to the other end of Orchard Road – Plaza Singapura side – and you will find that several establishments and buildings have already Christmas decorations set up or are still setting up. Point is, Christmas is totally on the way. Well, it’s only a little over forty days before Christmas Day after all.

And here’s a little bonus from me: Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up is officially starting on 15th of November. It’s a Saturday, so if you have time, or you will be around the area, do take a a short time to take a glimpse of the decorations. It would be ideal to take a walk though. There is always a different theme for the Christmas Light-Up every year so I believe that this year’s one is something not to miss as well. Moreover, the buildings along Orchard Road will always have some interesting and eye-catching displays of their own. No need to hurry though. The decorations should be up until New Year’s Day. But I cannot guarantee on the days after that. It’s almost magically mysterious how those huge Christmas Trees could disappear overnight.

And because it’s the season to be jolly, and I am already in the festive mood, I have already done my Christmas shopping, at least a little bit of it. I have already prepped our office for Christmas as well. We have a nicely decorated old Christmas Tree with a motif of red and gold. I actually wanted green and silver for this year’s decors but I do not want to spend so much on it. Besides, it was difficult to find green colored Christmas balls. So I went for red, which is a common you-can-find-it-anywhere color. I got the red Christmas balls in three sizes from Daiso, for only two-dollars each pack, containing of ten, twelve and sixteen balls according to size. And I’m glad I went for the red and gold motif.


And of course, I bought a small Christmas Tree for my room too. And since I really wanted green colored decors, I did it for my mini tree. Luckily Daiso has some very small Christmas balls in green color. I found some cotton stuffing which I also got from Daiso along time ago, and decorated the tree with it. It’s supposed to look like snow. I still need to find a star for it though. And I still find it a little underdressed, so I’m going back to Daiso to buy a slightly bigger silver colored Christmas balls and another pack of green and gold mini Christmas Balls. I am so not going to use the gold. I just personally don’t like gold.


And for a non-Christmas related news… I had dinner with my Korean friend and work colleague. She wanted to try the Fat Boy’s The Burger Bar restaurant near Plaza Singapura so I went there with her. I was craving for some burger myself too anyway. This is my second time going there to dine.

The restaurant has some fun and catchy interior and you definitely would not feel the blues when you go there.



I ordered Mahalo, which is a burger that comes with pineapple. It just got me curious how it would taste and I did not regret ordering it. The pork patty was thick, and the pepperjack cheese has thr right taste for the burger. It comes with mayonaise and some sliced pickles-looking stuff that doesn’t taste like pickles. Overall, the burger was good but for some reason, I can’t help but think that something was missing in the flavor aspect. They should review the burger and add some twist to it. Anyway, I liked it and I was happy to have ordered it.


My friend, Yeonhee, ordered a Wimpy Burger in beef patty. That was what I ordered the first time I visited the restaurant. It seems like the house speacialty or the classic because it is the one-patty version of Fatt Bastard. You know, the restaurant being called Fat Boy’s and the burger being named after the restaurant?


Anyways, the burger consist of the thick beef patty, sunny-side up egg, bacon, and aged cheddar cheese. It is one big, calorific serving that I find difficult to finish. Besides the burger, the serving comes with fries and a slice of tomato and a small lettuce leaf. I could not even finish the burger that time, so I almost did not eat the fries. Well, my friend must be hungry this time because she smoothed out the plate.

I am probably done with my cravings so I need to get back to jogging and exercises. I did not exactly gained some weight, but I feel fat for some reason. So yep, I am going back to my not-so-healthy-but-better-than-normal lifestyle.

06 November 2014
All Photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II


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