Against Monotony

04/11/2014 § 2 Comments

I have been eating in an unhealthy way for a while now. At first, I thought that eating noodles with fresh meat and vegetables would be healthy enough. Then, one day, I realized that I am only eating noodles, and even with fresh meat and vegetables, always eating noodles is not so good. Too much is too bad as they say.

Still, I had noodles for my breakfast and dinner today. Well, I had wanted to eat instant noodles because I have not done so for a long time now. So when I went to the supermarket and my favorite instant noodle is there, I dis not hesitate adding it to my basket.


This certain noodle flavor is always out of stock in the shelf. Now, I realized that I may have only missed it because the packaging had changed. It used to be a a dark green color, like a seaweed, and was priced similar with the other flavors. But now, Tokyo Shoyu looked like this! And together with the packaging change is thr price increase of course.

Well, I cooked this for breakfast because I had not eated a proper food for supper and I am afraid that I would not get to sleep again. Well, I have forgotten how huge the serving is. And I added boiled eggs and aonori to the dish too. Doesn’t looked like an instant noodle right?


For dinner I had my usual fried noodles but this time I did not use udon. So I wanted to call it yakisoba. It was the same recipe, only a different kind of noodle. Somehow, the taste is also a little bit different.


03rd November 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II


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