Against Monotony

28/10/2014 § Leave a comment

I was not able to kill the monotony of my everyday since Saturday. What’s more? I just had to have my sleeping problems once again while I am doing night shift. It was probably because I had not been eating properly recently as well. So, I just had to work on my apetite and hopefully I will get more than three hours of sleep. Yes, I typed that right. I only get to sleep for two to three hours of sleep since Sunday morning. As much as I want to sleep more by sleeping early, I still wake up after two or three hour’s time. And getting back to sleep is really difficult after that.

Due to my exceptionally unique sleep-wake patterns, I was so light-headed, if that was the correct term to use in this case, on Sunday night while I am on shift. It was a kind of light-headedness that I am only acting upon my brain’s orders. I would not say that I am sleepy, well I partly am, but more like my head just wanted to shut down for a while which, as I am working, it was not allowed to do. I kept bumping into things, and I am probaly wobbling while I walk, and all symptoms showing extreme sleep deprivation.

For a little external help, I tried to grab a quick caffeine fix from Starbucks. Yes, I went to the same shop that I did the two nights ago, and guess what? I was almost given the wrong order once again. I believe that there is definitely something wrong with the store if I would have gotten myself two wrong orders on two different occasions. They were not even busy that Sunday night. So, I specifically ordered a ‘grande toffee nut coffee-based frappuccino’, I even checked with the staff that it is coffee-based. And when I am about to pick-up my order, the person making the coffee orders is about to give me a grande toffee nut latte! I was speechless for a while, feeling a smirk  involuntarily crept on my face, and looking at the red cup of warm drink she was holding in her hand, while thinking to myself, ‘are you serious?’. I was probaly making that kind of face as well because she looked confused and double-checked the sticker with the order written on it.

I was not pissed off because in the end I got my grande frappuccino, but I could not simply kept myself quiet about it. So I turned to a social networking site called Facebook, and typed some lenghty sentences about my experience as I checked-in into the store’s page. Well, in the end I changed the viewing privacy of the post to ‘only me’, which I normally do for my refrained complaints that I really need to voice out whether someone listens or read it or not.

And the case of my three hours of sleep continued this morning. I specifically prepared a nice and decent breakfast for myself and even bought milk just so I could get an undisturbed sleep for a longer period. All my efforts were in vain though. As if it was an automatic response, I woke up after two to three hours of sleep again. Well, if this keeps up, eventually I will get to sleep for a long time again.

My sleep deprivation slash insomnia is like a phase in a cycle. Whenever I get to sleep sufficiently for a long time, I am expeccting myself to get my insomnia back after that. Then I will have a normal sleeping time once again. And it will only repeat. So I think I have generally accepted the cse of m insomnia. It’s not like I could do something about it if I could not sleep. I do not want to take sleeping pills or any medical thing of the sort as well. It makes my case look and sound grave.

That was about all I could share as of now. And oh! I have been writing a simple short story and I was kind of stuck as to how I should get the story going. I had no idea how I should approach a certain scene and while I was reading a manga, the trick just suddenly occurred to me. Yay! I hope to publish the story here soon…

27th Ocotber 2014

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