Against Monotony

26/10/2014 § Leave a comment

Once again, I woke up by around three in the morning even though I slept at around ten the previous night. It was probably my body clock going all auto on me. I set my alarm for six so I forced myself to get more sleep, which was fortunately permitted by my tired body.

The previous day was quite hot so I thought that there would be a good sunrise today and had decided to go for a run. In accordance with my assumption, there really is a nice sunset-like sunrise, but I got up later than I was supposed to. So by the time that I should have been in my usual spot waiting for the sun to actually show itself, I was only halfway through my route. Maybe it was still a good thing because I managed to get a really nice photo of the sunrise from the Waterfront Esplanade.




I think that the reddish hue of the sunrise was also caused by the haze. I noticed that the sun appears to be redder in color whenever it is the haze season, and it was strangely warm as well. I had no idea why though; something to do with the smog and all the science involved in it whic I want no participation. Anyway, by the time I reached Marina Barrage, the nearby islands that were normally visible on a normal clear day, were not even in sight. Either Singapore is covered by a think layer of smog, or the islands were. Anyways, the previous time that I was there, I could see the layer of gray smoke hanging low on the sky. That was probably the layer of smog covering Singapore. And now, my throat was pretty sore since afternoon and I blame the haze for that.


I had a simple meal of ham and cheese omelet, more ham slices and bread for breakfast. I even got myself a carton of orange juice from the supermarket on the way home. I was simply delighted by my nice breakfast. Then, I spent the next hours watching One Piece anime. The Dresrossa arc was not yet over but I decided to watch it anyway. I did so until around two in the afternoon. I went back to sleep after beause I need to get as much rest as I could because I will be doing the night shift once again.

Before I started my shift though, I met up with my friend, Pia, for dinner. We dined at Spices Cafe in Concorde Hotel. I happen to have a voucher for two for the buffet dinner in the restaurant so I invited her. We usually meet up and eat every now and then, and since the validity of the voucher was almost over, I decided to use it tonight.

The restaurant was having a promotion called Choctober Festival. Some of the dishes were infused with chocolate flavors like the chicken, beef  and fishes. I know it sounded weird but the taste was, well, oddly amazing. Well, chocolates usually come for dessert and you’re usually too full for desserts when you eat in a buffet. So, having chocolate together with the entree doesn’t sound so bad to me. I was not a big eater recently so I only ate as much as I can, trying a little bit of everything that I can eat.

Besides the dishes in the buffet spread, we can also have an unlimited servings of freshly cooked crabs with flavors, and we opted for the salted egg crab. It tasted really nice, and I was actually kinda into salted egg dishes recently. There were also lobsters and abalones available, but we can only order one of either per person. We were kinda lucky because our server was really nice so we managed to get lobster for both of us and we also got to try the abalone, which was not exactly to our liking.



We took a stroll in the nearby mall because we ate a lot and were too full. And I was too sleepy too. I wanted to drink coffee so I queued at Starbucks. Their Christmas flavors were already out, and I love their toffee nut flavor. It wa the only promotion that I was waiting for from their store. But it ended up as an epic fail. I ordered a ‘toffee nut frappuccino’ without a whipped cream and I ended up getting a cream-based toffee nut flavored drink. I checked my receipt, which I never really do, and there it was a toffee nut cream. I did not even bother changing the drink as it was acutally my fault for not checking the receipt. I wanted to drink coffee but I ended up getting a super sweet cream drink. I wanted to throw it away after a few sip, but I did not want to waste my seven dollars just like that.

I have not bought any Starbucks drink for sometime, except for the Dark Caramel Latte that I bought when it came out, becaue I wanted so badly to try it. I am usually at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf mainly because I was trying to earn points and I like their non-coffee based ice blended drinks better. I kind of decided right at that moment that I will not buy anything from Starbucks ever again. Or maybe just one last time so I could at least try a proper Toffee Nut flavors coffee drink.


24th October 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II


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