Against Monotony

25/10/2014 § Leave a comment

It was not exactly a crazy day but I got tired from running a last minute errand as requested by my friend. I kind of liked the rush and fun but I got tired in the end.

I was staying in Singapore for work, and my friend who was in Philippines suddenly shoot a message out of the blue. We don’t normally chat online about anything because we were really not that close to begin with. But then, on one warm and humid October day, my friend suddenly popped me a message asking for a favor. And tada! I have to do an errand. I kind of like doing favors for other people, I don’t know why though. Maybe a feeling of being appreciated or something?

So the favor went like this. He has a friend slash lover who is currently staying in Singapore for a short holiday. That person is supposed to be leaving the following day, meaning it will be his last night here. So what my friend wanted me to do is to send some things to the room to surprise his lover (I wish I had someone like that as well). First, I had suggested sending a fruit platter or cake up to the guest room. But then he was worried about the charges and he actually wanted to do something else. So I suddenly became a little cupid who helps people in their love life while I do not have one myself.

I extended help by buying the things he wanted to give to his lover, with all the bother of looking for a store with the thing that he wanted. The sweet little things he require are a Mickey Mouse plushie, a small box of Ferrero chocolates, and a simple card with sweet little notings on it. I was working morning shift on that day, and when I got off work, I started my missio starting with Mickey Mouse plushie. I have no idea where I could get that.

With online help, I first visited Toys R Us store located at Centerpoint, but unfortunately they do not have what I was looking for. Luckily though, I managed to find something else that I had wanted for a long time now. A tin can full of wooden pieces for a Jenga game! I must remember to go back there on a sale season. Then, I tried another Toys R Us outlet at Paragon which is a bigger one. And luckily they have a small Mickey Mouse plushie. That was the only Mickey plushie that they have so I bought it even without confirmation from my friend. If he wanted a bigger one, I would not know where to find it. So the case of my Mickey search was over.

Next, I need to find a card that suited his taste. Since I was in the area, I went to the Typo store at Wisma Atria. There was nothing that interested me though so I went to Kikki.K at Ion. Fortunately, they had simple card with simple sweet notes in it. He decided to get the ‘The best is yet to come’ card.

So I was left with a small box of Ferrero chocolates. It was the easiest to find because I could even get it from a convenience store. The closest supermarket in the area was Jason’s Grocer but the store does not have a smaller box of Ferrero chocolates so I had to go all the way to Isetan supermarket Shaw, the next closest one that I know. Well, there was not much difference because I still got a box of sixteen pieces of Ferrero chocolates. I took it because I am already getting tired from all the walking.

The only thing left to do is to write the note and leave it to the hotel staff to take care of. And my errand is done.

I felt so tired after that that I only dropped by Cold Storage to buy small bread for my dinner and go home to rest. I wanted to sleep after I got home but I need to eat dinner. I am not exactly hungry but I need to fill my stomach with something, otherwise I would wake up in the middle of the night because of hunger. So I prepared a simple meal of beef cheesesteak, bread slices, and tomato and lettuce. It was such a simple and nice meal and I even have the company of my roommate, who would have asked to eat dinner outside if I had not already cooked my meal.

23rd October 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II

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