Against Monotony

23/10/2014 § Leave a comment

I was still off work yesterday, 22 October. I was asked to use my public holiday leave for Hari Raya Haji so I did. It’s not like I was saving it for any holiday plans anyway. Oh, and yesterday was a holiday as well, Deepavali. I try not to go out if I happen to be off duty on thr day of a holiday. It’s usually crowded anywhere you go. The only exception are the two days of Chinese New Year.


So I woke up at around two in the morning again, because I slept at about six or seven the previous night. Well, I tried to sleep more and I was able to somehow. I got up at six because I wanted to run and see the sunrise again. I was happy that I decided to go for a run. It was very cloudy so there was not much luck for the sunrise but I still got to see other beautiful things. And even a cloudy sky is pretty as well. I love the cool morning breeze too.




After my short morning trip, I met up with my roommate, Rosie, for breakfast. She invited me because she probably noticed that I was already out of bed by the time she woke up. It was a good thing that I am getting hungry as well. We went to a nearby coffee shop slash bakery which opened recently – 3 Petits Croissant. It was her treat maybe because she was in a celebration mood as it will be her birthday soon.

I ordered chocolate drop milk bread, brioche and orange juice, while Rosie had a cup of mocha and chocolate croissant. We stayed there for about an hour talking and eating.

For lunch, I decided to try cooking Philadelphia Cheesesteak once again. The first time I tried cooking it ended up as a big fail because I overcooked the beef. I liked hownit turned out this second time, just a bit salty though.

Ingredients: (single serving)
Beef, thinly sliced (I used beef knuckle because it was the cheapest I could buy)
Garlic, 1 clove, minces
Onion, 2 slices, julienned
Cheese, shredded (I used red and white cheddar)
Bread, cut into slices
You can also add green peppers and mushrooms as you like, just cut them in juilliene.

1. Heat the pan. Add oil and spread to cover the surface. Sautee garlic, then onion. If you have other veggies you want to add, donit after the onion.
2. Add beef slices. You can try to rub the beef first with salt and pepper before cutting it. Add salt and pepper. Stir until slightly cooked. Do not overcook or you will regret it.
3. Add cheese when you are satisfied with how the beef is cooked. Make sure you lower the heat. Mix the beef and cheese. Remove from heat and place over bread slices. Add more cheese if you want as well as other condiments.


I discover about cheesesteak when I went to Toa Payoh and tried Yellow Submarines, a stire mainky selling Philadelphia sheesesteak sandwiches. I liked how it was cheesy but it was definitely messy to eat because the filling are all coming out. It was delicious though.

22nd October 2014
All photos were taken using Samung Galaxy Note II


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