Against Monotony

23/10/2014 § Leave a comment

It was my off on 21st. And because I did not want to waste my most awaited day of the week, I decided to take a stroll right after I get off work.


First, I visited Botanical Gardens, thinking that I need to see a different kind of scenery. And yep, I got what I wanted. I had not been to the Botanic Gardens for a long time and during that period, I had no idea that upgrading works has been going on around the area. It surprised me at first when I alighted from the bus. The site looked different with all the construction paraphernalias. But I was not there to see the neighborhood of Botanic Gardens. I was there for the garden itself. At the very least, the inside of the place looked the same as I remember it to be. But I am sure that there were parts that I have not seen because the last time I was in the place, upgrading works were going on at the other end of the garden. I did not go to that part this time though. I was there mainly to see my most favorite spot in Singapore – the bandstand.


It was something that I fell in love with the first time I saw it back in 2010. I even kept a photo of it in my organizer, which I always bring with me everywhere. I love it to that extent.


I sat in one of the benches where I had a good view of the bandstand and stayed there for an hour, finishing the last chapters of Tuesdays with Morie, listening to the morning bustles of nature, and breathing fresh air, all the while my Ipod was turned off. I would have stayed longer and get more vitamin D from the morning sun but I did not. I left only because I did not want to be drenched in the upcoming rain.


From the Botanic Gardens, I walked along Napier, Tanglin and Orchard Roads. I stopped by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Hilton Hotel, hoping to pass the rain. The wind was very strong but it has not started raining yet byt the time I arrived at the shop. I was just being cautious. I ordered the ice blended Pumpkin flavor, which is a promotional product. It is my current favorite. I usually order a warm drink when I go to coffee shops but the pumpkin flavor tasted better as an ice blended drink. Butter pecan, which is another promotional item, tasted better as a warm latte. Autumn bring withs it not only a beautiful scenery but beautiful flavors as well. Well, there really is no autumnal season in Singapore though.


It did not really rain hard as I thought while I stayed at the shop. Or even after I left. Well, I liked the time I spent watching people. I continued my stroll home-bound after I left the shop. And guess what? I saw the first ever Christmas tree set up along the way. I think it’s too early since October has not ended and Halloween is yet to pass. But even the Christmas light up preparation has already started days or weeks ago and it’s almost done.




Aside from a few other displays on the road, like an art gallery on the street, nothing much has interested me. I tried to shop for new clothes but I am not in the perfect mood to spend on anything. Had I done some little shopping I would have spent more than I should or would expect. I arrived home safely. I had a bowl of ramen for lunch which I bought from a nearby Kopitiam. It tasted really good, or maybe I have not tried any other ramen stores so I think like that.


After that I only spent the day reading comics and watching animes. Then I went to sleep. I felt kind of fulfilled even though I only did a little nature sightseeing. I had no plans anyway so it was all good that I did something.

Ah! I almost forgot. I did a little bit of art stuff as well. I drew eyes and actually used color pencil to color the iris.




21st October 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II


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