Against Monotony

20/10/2014 § Leave a comment

I am finally done with my omelet cooking practice and I would say that I am completely satisfied with the way I do it. Not exacrly fluffy but it is soft and creamy and yummy. Yep, I am totally happy with my omelet.

I went to church for the morning mass after work, like how I usually do if I am doing night shift on a Saturday. When I returned home after the mass, I cooked french toast and omelet for breakfast. Normally I would just buy steamed bun from a nearby food center, or Kopitiam/hawker as it was commonly known in Singapore. I loved eating warm steamed char siew pau after night shift; it just tasted a lot better in the mornung than any time of the day.

So, anyways…my french toast was a trying hard one. It was basically baguette slices soaked in milk, then beaten egg before lightly frying in a pan. If there is an oven in my place I would just leave it in the oven to toast. But since there is none, I had to try toasting without burning it in a pan. I sprinkled it with brown sugar afterwards to add a sweet flavor. It turned out pretty well but the taste just does not satisfy me. It is a french toast alright, but there seems to be something missing from the taste.

I was very happy with the omelet I did for breakfast. It unfortunately cracked in half in the last stage of its cooking but it just added effect to it. It was the same recipe I used with my previous egg cooking one-oh-one post, but it just turned out nicely this time.


You could say that I got pretty sick of always eating omelet so I am putting an end to it. Since I also had omelet for dinner on the same day, I probabaly am. That and it was also because I am pretty happy with the result of my last omelet cooking.

For dinner, I had baguette sandwiches with ham, lettuce and tomato slices, and omelet. It did not turned out as nicely as the one I did for breakfast but it was just as good.


The first omelet was a little overcook because I forgot to lower the heat when I put the beaten eggs in the pan. The shape is perfect but since it is overcooked, it ended up flattening and turning a little dry as it cooled down. The second one was not properly molded because I did not try to heat the pan enough before I put in the beaten eggs. Yep, little details such as the heat and oil sufficiency could make or break your omelet.

I used to make dry and flat omelets before as a result from overcooking. And I would always wonder why it is flat and not soft and fluffy. Back then, I did not know that making a simple omelet could be this tedious. Pratice really does make things perfect I guess. At least now I could enjoy a soft, creamy, and fluffy omelet.

19th October 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II

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