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I had baguette slices and ham and cheese omelet for dinner. Guess what? I finally cooked a better looking omelet; one that is actually whole and not scrambled up. Too bad I did not get to take a photo! Still, I am glad to have unraveled the secret in cooking omelet but my technique is yet to be perfect.

Typically, hotel restaurants have an egg cooking section for breakfast and you can ask the chef to cook any kind of egg dish for you. Okay, maybe not any but the typical scrambled eggs, sunnyside ups, and omelets. Anyway, I was able to watch how it was done by a chef and I was able to learn from that. This was a different story but I might as well share: when I was in Thailand before, back in 2009, I asked the chef to cook an omelet for me with mozarella cheese and ham. When I ate the omelet, the egg did not have the taste that I was used to that I need to sprinkle it with salt. It tasted better that way though. I was in love with omelet ever since. From that point on, every time I try to cook any kind of egg dish, I will not add any salt in it.

So, here goes egg cookery one-oh-one. First, prepare the ingredients you want to put in the omelet, as well as the beaten eggs, salt, pepper and oil. I am very picky with what I eat so I only go with ham and cheese, but you can add mushrooms, onions and green peppers as well. These are typically stuffed into the omelet, just make sure to cut them into small pieces. If you are using a block of cheese, cut it into thin slices. It would be better to use the kind that easily melts. Mozarella cheese would be very nice for an omelet based too. Then, beat the eggs, but do not overbeat. I usually mix a little bit a milk together with the egg mixture as well.

Next, heat the pan. It would be easier to use a non-stick pan. Add oil; too much oil is unhealthy and it will affect the consistency of the egg mixture. Heat the oil and try to make it cover the entire pan. Cook the ham, and your chosen stuffing together. I would always remove the stuffing from the pan and set it aside, because I am not an expert yet.

Then add just the enough amount of egg mixture into your pan. Adding a little bit of oil might be necessary before putting the egg mixture. When the egg is slightly cooked, add the stuffing and cheese. Slowly try to fold the egg into three, or you could also try slowly rolling it in the side of the pan instead. The latter was how it was done when I watched the chef. I will be working on that next.

I will make a similar post, with photos, the next time I make an omelet. I am currently trudging the road to omelet perfection and I know I am near my destination. And by the way, I am cooking using a normal pan, not the non-stick kind, and an induction cooker instead of a stove. It was tricky but I already got used to it.

17th October 2014

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