Against Monotony

17/10/2014 § Leave a comment

I was back to the pattern of sleeping for only six hours and automatically waking up right after. It was a little inconvenient because if I try to sleep early in the night, I would definitely wake up at a weird time like two or three am. It already happened twice this week alone. Well, I was a little glad about that because I get to go for a run before sunrise while the air is a lot cooler than at any time of the day.


Once again, I decided to visit Marina Barage to watch the sunrise. It was too bad that it is cloudy yesterday morning, and at the far end of the sea it was obviously raining. I did not stay for too long, just long enough to catch my breath and rest a little while taking in fresh morning air. I did not really want to get wet should it happen to rain, even though I’m already dripping with sweat.


I used to hate bringing my phone as I go for a run because I definitely will stop somewhere to take a photo of something, which is not good for my body. But I do not want to miss something beautiful, like the shot of Marina Bay above for instance. I need to capture it or I will regret not doing so later.


I have not really tried seeing the Singapore skyline viewed from Marina Barrage during daybreak. Would it not be too weird for a girl to be found hanging around the place while it was still dark out? Well, since I got the idea in my head, I might just try that the next time that I woke up at a weird time.

Another good thing about waking up really early? I get to prepare breakfast for myself. This time I prepared buttered baguette slices topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese. If only there is an oven in my place, I would have enjoyed it better. I also tried to make omelet but I failed big time. I used too many chopped ham at once and I did not put enough oil for the egg. There’s always next time though.


16 October 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II

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