Against Monotony

15/10/2014 § Leave a comment

Once again, my computer took me back to a world of quiet, humdrum, artful, activities. Nothing much I could do when my work schedule recently have been giving me inclination to such moods. I am lazy to do a lot of things, and I have been staying in my bed longer than I should be. I put all the blame to the several night shifts that I have been doing lately. But I need to put and end to my lazy and boring days. And I started it on my last break from work.

It was 13th October, Monday, when I had a day off at the start of the week, following another off the day before. I woke up at three in the morning (I blame it to myself sleeping at eight the night before). It was probably hunger that woke me up. Lucky for me I have baguette bread and eggs available at hand. And so I made myself scrambled eggs over baguette slices and french press brewed coffee.


At half past six, I decided to go for a run – an activity I had not done for almost two months. It was a good feeling, running through the streets early in the morning, while the air is still cool and as the sun rises over the horizon. I am just being a romantic here, I have never seen a sun rising over the horizon in Singapore. Still, I think I got the best sunrise I could when I reached Marina Barrage. I was just in time to see the slow process of the sun, hidden behind the clouds, shining gentle rays of light through the clouds to the sea and ships in the coast. It was a beautiful sight, mesmerizing and peaceful. I watched the scene until the slightest tinge of orange disappeared, signifying that the sunrise is over.


I stayed at Marina Barrage for about an hour. I was sitting and lying on a makeshift bench, the sun shining brightly, almost blinding, on my left, and the city of Singapore, with increasing hustles and bustles unknown to me, on my right. It was such a good and clear day is all I think about. Sometimes I think myself odd when I appreciate how good of a clear and warm day it was outside while I have to sit in a cold air-conditioned room earning for a living. The lifestyle of today does not seem to require appreciation to things that does not bring money, or things that has not been bought with money.


I took my time returning to my place, taking snapshots of my surroundings, loving the warm sun and clear weather. It is finally an off day not following a series night shifts, and I wanna do things that I have been refraining myself to do for reasons of saving energy.



I went to buy groceries after, thinking of challenging myself in cooking beef. I failed big time though. I was thinking of having a simple beef steak but I had to cut it into chunks to ensure that no part of it is raw. The thing is I overcooked it while being completely aware that it would be difficult to eat when overly done so. The carrots that I planned to only sauteé was burnt a little as well, thanks to washing the dishes while forgetting to lower the heat. The mashed potato, turned out dry as well. It was really on a whim that I decided to try cooking a beef dish, but everything turned out to be an epic fail. They were edible enough to satisfy my hunger anyway.


That was roughly the end of my day. At around 1600 hrs, I was already very sleepy so I decided to take a nap and wake up at around 1900 hrs. The thing is, I was probably very sleepy that I snooze out completely until 2200 hrs. So I just took a quick shower and returned back to sleep.

Even after saying that I wanted to make the best of that day off from work, I could only do so much when my body is feeling tired. At least I got to do some exercises and even managed to cook a decent meal. It felt so adult like when I do things like a normal independent person does, like doing chores, cooking meals and doing exercises. Well, I am not growing any younger by the day so it was probably the roper way that my mentality is heading.


And I defitnitely saw an otter; it was a curiously cute thing. It was not very friendly and was rather wary of humans. I couldn’t even take a photo of it. But it was cute and has a funny way of running.

13th October 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II

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