Against Monotony

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Trick or treat!

Or not. Well, I am working on a Halloween day, buy it was not like I have any plans for a halloween party anyway. I wanted to, with all the dressing up, but I do not know where to go. And who to go with. I have been wanting to try going for a halloween party since last year but it just seems like it was not for me? Well, I could try dropping by Clarke Quay after work tonight and see people dressed as witches, murdered woman and other beings that are related to the “Halloween” word. But that would totally be lonely doing that alone.

Anyways! The last time I went for a run, morning of 30th, I was extremely happy with the sunrise. It completely looked like a sunset with its red color. Unfortunately my phone camera would not allow me to capture the red sun as it is. At times like that, I wish I had my Canon DSLR with me, but who goes for a run with a huge camera hanging on their neck? A total weirdo. I maybe weird most of the times but I still go along the lines of common sense, or convenience.


This is really a sunrise taken some minutes after 0700hrs. It totally looked like a sunset, especially when the sun still hung low on the horizon. It was a big ball of fire and very red. But then, the red color is also caused by the smog hovering over Singapore. But if I get to see this kind of sunrise everyday, I would not exactly care about the haze. The people checked in at Marina Bay Sands, especially the rooms high up in the building and facing the coast, are very lucky to have this view from their room.



And by the way, I was off the previous day and only slept the entire day. Since I have been deprived of a lot of hours for sleep for the past few days, I was very happy to be able to sleep undisturbed for a whole day. I woke up at 0200hrs though and I have to stay up until 2300hrs on the same day. I was barely managing to keep myself awake at work. Well, I slept soundly when I get back home anyway.



And this morning, I woke up early and could not sleep more even though I tried to. So I went to the supermarket, bought food supplies and had a nice brunch comprised of fried udon noodles (I still fancy this dish), papaya fruit, and melon flavored milk. Then I had half of a melon pudding with nata de coco for an extra dessert too and even had some prawn crackers for snacks after that. I was so full by noon time that I feel really sleepy.



31st October 2014
All photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy Note II


Against Monotony

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I was not able to kill the monotony of my everyday since Saturday. What’s more? I just had to have my sleeping problems once again while I am doing night shift. It was probably because I had not been eating properly recently as well. So, I just had to work on my apetite and hopefully I will get more than three hours of sleep. Yes, I typed that right. I only get to sleep for two to three hours of sleep since Sunday morning. As much as I want to sleep more by sleeping early, I still wake up after two or three hour’s time. And getting back to sleep is really difficult after that.

Due to my exceptionally unique sleep-wake patterns, I was so light-headed, if that was the correct term to use in this case, on Sunday night while I am on shift. It was a kind of light-headedness that I am only acting upon my brain’s orders. I would not say that I am sleepy, well I partly am, but more like my head just wanted to shut down for a while which, as I am working, it was not allowed to do. I kept bumping into things, and I am probaly wobbling while I walk, and all symptoms showing extreme sleep deprivation.

For a little external help, I tried to grab a quick caffeine fix from Starbucks. Yes, I went to the same shop that I did the two nights ago, and guess what? I was almost given the wrong order once again. I believe that there is definitely something wrong with the store if I would have gotten myself two wrong orders on two different occasions. They were not even busy that Sunday night. So, I specifically ordered a ‘grande toffee nut coffee-based frappuccino’, I even checked with the staff that it is coffee-based. And when I am about to pick-up my order, the person making the coffee orders is about to give me a grande toffee nut latte! I was speechless for a while, feeling a smirk  involuntarily crept on my face, and looking at the red cup of warm drink she was holding in her hand, while thinking to myself, ‘are you serious?’. I was probaly making that kind of face as well because she looked confused and double-checked the sticker with the order written on it.

I was not pissed off because in the end I got my grande frappuccino, but I could not simply kept myself quiet about it. So I turned to a social networking site called Facebook, and typed some lenghty sentences about my experience as I checked-in into the store’s page. Well, in the end I changed the viewing privacy of the post to ‘only me’, which I normally do for my refrained complaints that I really need to voice out whether someone listens or read it or not.

And the case of my three hours of sleep continued this morning. I specifically prepared a nice and decent breakfast for myself and even bought milk just so I could get an undisturbed sleep for a longer period. All my efforts were in vain though. As if it was an automatic response, I woke up after two to three hours of sleep again. Well, if this keeps up, eventually I will get to sleep for a long time again.

My sleep deprivation slash insomnia is like a phase in a cycle. Whenever I get to sleep sufficiently for a long time, I am expeccting myself to get my insomnia back after that. Then I will have a normal sleeping time once again. And it will only repeat. So I think I have generally accepted the cse of m insomnia. It’s not like I could do something about it if I could not sleep. I do not want to take sleeping pills or any medical thing of the sort as well. It makes my case look and sound grave.

That was about all I could share as of now. And oh! I have been writing a simple short story and I was kind of stuck as to how I should get the story going. I had no idea how I should approach a certain scene and while I was reading a manga, the trick just suddenly occurred to me. Yay! I hope to publish the story here soon…

27th Ocotber 2014

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