The Night I Met You

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As my condition for the bet the guys lost on Halloween, I made them help me with a little preparation. I am going to tell her how I felt about her tonight and I want it to be as special as it can be. My idea of a confession is probably similar to a wedding proposal, although it would only be a little less grand than the latter. I just wanted to make it something that will definitely be etched onto her memory, so that she will never forget it no matter what happens.

I actually wanted to hold it in the park where I first met her, but she probably would not like the idea of people crowding over her. Despite wanting to show her to all the people in the world, I don’t want to do something that she wouldn’t feel comfortable about. Besides, it’s only a confession. Whether she returned my feelings or not is still uncertain. There’s also something she wanted to tell me and I could only hope that it was something good.

“Jay,are you sure that this is not a wedding proposal?” Nate asked as he passed by me carrying a box of decorations. We have been transporting boxes from the car to our venue and it was real hard work.

“Don’t worrry bro, you will have more work to do then.” I answered and returned to my own task.

“Couldnt’ you just hire an event planner?” He asked again. I never thought of that but I don’t think that would do. After all, I trust his and his brother’s skills in designing.

“I have you guys, so it would just be a waste of money to do that.” I answered. He grumbled under his breath and I chuckled to myself.

“Slave-driver.” I heard him say as he passed by me once again.

I w0uldn’t say that this is a big night but it is an important night. Whether I could be with her or not will be decided tonight. So it’s got to be the best as it can be. I can only offer her nothing but the best after all.

“Seriously bro, aren’t you making this too grand for just a confession?” Nate asked again when he returned.

“Only the best for my girl, bro.” I answered him with a smirk and he made a face. My girl. I really hope she would be my girl.

“There’s no guarantee in that dude. You wouldn’t know, she might actually like me more than you.” He answered with his own smirk on his face. I know his only joking but I couldn’t help but scowl at him. My friend just laughed it off though.

“Just don’t put all your hopes into this dude.” His tone suddenly changed into a serious one. “She only recently broke up with his boyfriend for years. It seemed that she also likes you but…just saying.” He tapped a hand on my shoulder and continued to move boxes of decors.

He does not need to remind me. I am well aware of my competition. Years worth of relationship that suddenly shattered to pieces against a mere seven days of having known each other. I can’t do anything about their history and I know that I am on the losing end. However, I was the one who was there for her during the time she could have broken down. She even thought of me as her savior. And as much as I don’t want to take advantage of her respect and admiration to me, it was the only thing that was giving me hope. It was the only thing that was giuving me the courage to take the chance that she might choose me over her ex. After all, their relationshiop is already over while ours still have a future, unless she decide to take a u-turn.

“I know. But I’d still give it a shot.” I said to myself. Anything can happen because it is still in the future. I want to be positive and believe that she would accept me. I couldn’t afford to have all the doubts and insecurities I have to get the better of me. I couldn’t lose hope now.

I took out the phone from my pocket and created a new message. I wondered if she would be awake by now, but she was most likely still in her dreamland. It was only nine in the morning after all.

Good morning, beautiful. 😉 See you tonight.

I sent it to her. I don’t think she could be awoken by a message. I want her to rest more because she woke up early the previous day and stayed up until late in the night. She seemed a bit tired as well. I just hope that she doesn’t get sick. I placed the phone back in my pocket not exactly hoping to receive a reply anytime soon. It is still to early for her.

“Mark and Chris would be here in an hour or two.” Nate informed me when he returned, holding his phone between his ear and shoulder as the box he was carrying occupied his hands. “They’re asking if we want anything.”

“Tell them to bring us something to eat.” I said loudly over my shoulder.

“Got it.” He answered and I could barely hear what he was saying over the phone as he passed by me.

We couldn’t really start doing anything because we left the tools back at home. We only brought the decors, which was stupid of me, but it was still too early and we have enough time. I picked up my guitar that was leaning in one of the boxes and removed the cover. I started to strum on the guitar strings, and a low, slow tune rang in the air. I continued to strum, following a musical sheet in my head that I composed myself. This is the music that I will be playing for her tonight. It needs to be perfect.

Every vibration of the guitar strings produces different and repeated notes, which flew and disappeared in the air. It felt as if I was isolated in my own little world. I don’t even know what Nate is doing at the moment but I don’t care. Sometimes, my own music absorbed me so much that I usually loose myself in it. I can do mostly everything relatively well but I never felt as perfect when I’m holding an instrument and playing it myself. This is my life and I want her to know more about it.

Telling her how much I like her should be done by the thing I do best and it was music. Write her a song, play her a music; that is how I am going to do it. She still didn’t know that I compose songs but tonight she will. Would she like it? Would she be happy about it? How would she react? Just thinking about what will happen tonight is making me nervous but I couldn’t let it get the best of me.

“All kidding aside dude, are you just going to make me transfer all the boxes from the car all by myself?” Nate’s sarcasm snapped me out of my deep thoughts. He was making a face as he stood in front of me, carrying another box. It was hard trying to prevent my laughter from burting out.

“That was actually my plan. You lost the bet remmeber?” I answered with a smirk. He groaned and continued to walk past me. It was a lie. I am not that evil to let him do all the work by himself but he did not need to know that.

Hours passed and we mostly got everything done and settled. The official band members will be playing tonight for her. nate has been appointed to pick her up from her place, because the guys said stay I need to stay and simply wait for her. I wouldn’t have disagreed with the idea if it was not Nate who is going to pick her up. For all I know, he could ruin everything by not even doing anything. I tried not to think about him but I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Once he did something stupid, I will sever my ties with him.

It was now 1600hrs. I tried to check my phone which I never did since I sent her the message this morning. I was too busy arranging things and playing my guitar to do so. There were two messages, both were from her. The first one was sent at ten in the morning.

Danica: Good morning. 🙂

The second one was sent two hours ago.

Danica: What time should I go where?

I chuckled at myself when I read it. I should have checked my phone earlier. I typed in a reply.

You’re not going anywhere by yourself. Nate will pick you up. He will be there by 5-6.

I sent the message and waited for a reply. It came after a few minutes.

Danica: Sorry but something suddenly came up. I will be delayed, is that okay?

I couldn’t help but worry about her message. Did something bad happen?

An emergency?

Danica: No it’s not. I will tell you more about it later. I’ll tell you once I’m on my way back to the apartment too.

I breathed a sigh of relief. As long as nothing bad is happening to her, I could calm down. Still, I couldn’t help but worry about her sudden appointment. Is it something too important that she needed to delay the appointment she had beforehand?

Alright, I’ll wait. I’ll see you later, Angel.

Danica: I’m really sorry.

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Chapter Thirty-One >>

Subject for revision. I will amend inconsistencies with other chapters in the future.

I’m happy that Germany won against Brazil and that they will be up for the finals but I wasn’t happy about Netherlands’ match though. I’m not really supporting them but I really wanted to see Germany against Netherlands. I guess putting the Deutsch against Argentina will be a good match as well. And honestly, I also really wanted to see Netherlands against Brazil, but that was before the host country’s star player was out of the game. I’m guessing that it will be another Spain-Netherlands kind of match.


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