The Night I Met You

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I drove up to her place filled with much excitement. I was expectant and giddy. She’s not even my girlfriend but she’s cooking me dinner. Maybe, she’s just doing some finishing touches right about now wearing apron on her. Just the thought of it turns me on. If I really saw her in an apron, I don’t know if I could keep my hands off of her. I took a quick glance at the paper bag in the passenger seat and smiled to myself. Would she like it?

I really don’t know if she wanted to torture me or not but I knocked up on her door without notifying her of my arrival, and sure enough she was there, wearing an apron over a summer dress. She looked so homely to the point like she was welcoming her husband home. That doesn’t sound so bad to me. Actually I kinda liked that. She flashed me a sweet and shy smile, her hands trying to straighten the ripples of the apron. Then she quickly looked at her outfit as if she was surprised of what she was wearing. Did she just actually forgot to take off the apron? It was only then that I realize what was wrong. the words ‘EAT ME’ were wwritten in the light pink apron. I smirk at her and said, “Is that the new fashion?”

A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, but she tried to look composed instead of embarrass. She slowly untied the apron around her and took it off. “I just forgot to remove it.” She defended. Well, I wouldn’t deny that I also liked her clumsy side too. I held out my hand handing her the present I got her. “Thank you. What’s this?” She asked.

“A secret.” I answered trying to sound mysterious and walked inside her humble abode. I aroma of roasted food and a few spices were scattered about the room. It smelled good and I couldn’t wait to have a taste of what she cooked for me.

Is she a good cook?

Mark’s words drifted in my head. I really have no idea if she is or if she can even cook for that matter. I was always the one who cooks for her so I could impress her. Whether her cooking would be a delicacy or not, I will find out soon. And even if it’s a no I would still eat something she made specifically for me.

“Can I open it?” I heard her asked. I turned to face her and she was fiddling with the midnight blue box that was inside the paper bag. I watched her for a while as she turned the box upside-down, inspecting it carefully, and I couldn’t help a smirk from forming in my face.

“Well, you can try.” I told her and she gave me a short skeptic look before continuing to curiously inspect the little blue box. I highly doubt she could figure out how to open it though. I watched her turn the box up and down and sideways, again and again, trying to figure out how to open in.

“This is a joke right?” She finally asked with a annoyed look in her face and I wold admit that it only made her look cute.

“I wonder…” I answered still putting on the mysterious touch.

She gave me another skeptical look and I only smirked at her. Figuring out how it could be opened was the tricky part but once you knew how, you would just be annoyed at how simple it actually was. I don’t think she would do anything to cause it to open any time soon. It wasn’t meant to be opened right now. I planned it that way. Sometime in the future, I would tell her how to open it. But not now, because I know for certain that I would be with her in the future.

She put the little blue box back in the paper bag and placed it on top of the coffee table. “As curious as I am, I don’t really want to starve a person I actually invited for dinner.” I noticed her face beamed a little and she gave me a smile that was close to a playful one, but I wasn’t certain. “I’m confident that I can figure it out anyway. I love puzzles. So how about we have dinner now?”

“I’d love to, Angel.”  I smiled at her but it only made her own smile dropped. I wonder if something is wrong.

“Actually, how about we just order for take-out? Like pizza or anything.” She said sheepishly.

“Didn’t you cook for me?” I asked her curiously, cocking my head to the side.

“I-I did. But I know that it wasn’t good and, oh, it probably wasn’t even edible. It was not even something closer to your foods. No, it would be presumptuous of me to even compare. Yes, that was it. So we cannot eat it. So-” I placed both of my hands in her shoulders to get her attention and stop her from ranting. I think I know where this is coming from but didn’t give a damn care.

“You cooked for me and I am going to eat it. No matter what.” I grinned at her, and she let out a sigh of defeat.

“Fine. You can criticize it all you want. It would be fine by me.” She told me.

“As you wish, Angel.” I answered and turned her to face the kitchen, forcing her to walk towards her it.

I would say that I am pretty surprise to see the table all set-up nicely. There was even a pitcher of a cold drink that was obviously not store bought. It was only a simple dish of roasted stuffed-chicken with sauteed potatoes but it all looked perfect to me. The girl I like, love actually, was there sitting in front of me having a meal with me with foods she cooked for me, looking all wife-like. It was nothing but perfect.

We started to eat and it was oddly quiet. She kept on looking at me, to the point that she almost looked like she was watching me eat. I wasn’t very comfortable being watched as I eat but I like getting her attention. I like it when she has her eyes on me. I know why she was doing it though but I wouldn’t start to say anything for now. I like having her eyes on me and getting all her attention.

“C’mon. Say something.” She told me as we were eating in peace. She sounded distressed.

“What should I say?” I asked trying to sound clueless but she only gave me a flat look.

“I know you know what I’m talking about.” She said. “You can talk bad about-” I cut her off by forcing a small piece of chicken into her mouth.

“It’s not badmouthing, Angel. It’s feedback. And to tell you honestly, this dish was surprisingly good. I didn’t know you can cook this well. The drink was fantastic as well.” I informed her.

“I couldn’t cook at all. I just got my friend to teach me this afternoon and she said that this dish was easy so I went along with it. She also helped me with the drink.” She answered. Did she just say that she couldn’t cook at all?

“You can’t cook?” I voiced my thoughts. She shook her head.

“But you told me this morning…”I trailed off trying to remember if I was right. She said that she can cook right?

“That was a lie, partly. If you consider heating up instant noodles cooking, I mean.” She told me sheepishly.

“Bad girl.” I simply said.

“But I made you food and you said it was nice. Maybe I actually have a talent for cooking that I was never aware of?” She said excitedly. “I should start cooking up some dishes myself.”

She looked happy as she continued to rant as to what dishes she would cook. And I cut her off by saying, “Are you cooking those for me then?” Her grew wide by ever so little that it was as if it did not happen at all.

“I-if you want to.” She stuttered a little, a faint blush appearing on her cheeks. Sometimes, I wonder what goes on that mind of hers. Recently, it seemed as though it is becoming more difficult for m to figure her out.

“Of course I’d love to, Angel.” I answered and smiled at her. The faint blush that was on her cheeks grew a bit darker. Is she falling for my charms now? I mean, only now? Well, at least I now know that I am finally getting to her.

“The-there’s still dessert by the way.” She stuttered again and I tried my best to prevent myself from making a happy dance right then.

“Can’t wait for it.” I simply answered.

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Chapter Twenty-Seven >>

Subject for revision. I’m almost there.


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