The Night I Met You

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1st November XXXX

It may have been my female pride that I said something completely outrageous. Or maybe because I woke up early in the morning because my body was unfamiliar with the bed that I slept on. I was never a morning person to begin with, so I am not in the best of my moods that time. Whichever one it is, there is no way I could back out of it now. I had no idea how I could get through it smoothly though. No, I think that is impossible. It was a feat I know very well that I could not overcome easily.

It was embarrassing enough that I accidentally fell asleep beside Jacob while we were out stargazing the previous night, but he also had to carry me to one of their vacant rooms, and even got her sister to lend me fresh set of clothes. I immediately realized when I woke up that I was not in my own bedroom and all the embarrassment just dawned on me. I really wanted to hide somewhere at that time, and wished really hard for a rabbit hole to pop up out of nowhere. But of course it did not. Life is never that convenient.

I walked out of the room and strolled hesitantly along the hallway until I reached their kitchen where Jacob was preparing their breakfast. Her sister was also there and they invited me to join them. I tried to avoid it due to embarrassment but I was not able to. I joined them, despite not wanting to, but I was thankful that I did. The breakfast was a delicacy and Jacob even prepared a warm cup of hot chocolate for me. The taste was something similar to that of his old friend’s. Being a guest at someone’s house is sometimes good, especially if it was at your friend’s house. But Jacob and I have not known each other for a really long time and staying over at his place was kind of weird.

Then, somehow, the talk led to food and cooking. I had no idea what came over me but I just suddenly declared that I will cook something in the evening and that I am inviting him over for that. I only realized what I said after I said it. I wanted to admit that I can only cook simple things but I was not able to. “Then, I’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner.” is what he said with a bright smile on his face. It melted my heart and even my resolve so there is just no way I could turn back from it. If I did, it was like taking a toy away from a boy and I couldn’t do that.

Fortunately, God sent me a savior from heaven. I was more than thankful to Kyle for sleeping over at my place. I was so lucky that she was there. She can cook, or rather she was a really good cook. Her skills and knowledge of it were not bad, or I should say that they were beyond average. If not for her I would have ordered something from outside and make Jacob eat it thinking I made it, and I will tell the truth after everything was finished. I was glad that Kyle was there to help me, but getting her to do so was not an easy feat either.

“In one condition.” She said when I begged her.

“Anything! Just please teach me.” I was desperate. I was already prepared to face humiliation when I made a grand declaration like that. But I am not backing out of it now. At least not after hope presented itself to me. “Something simple will do. Please, Kyle?”

“Anything?” She asked with a sly smile on her face. I know I wouldn’t like whatever she came up with but she was my last resort. I could master all my courage later to do what she asked of me.

“Yes, anything.” I answered with full determination.

“Okay, then. How about we go to the grocery first and tell me what this is all about? We’ll figure out what to cook there as well.” She recommended and so we did. It seems like the favor I will do for her has been long forgotten because she did not even mention anything about it, not until she left.

She decided on a roasted chicken with vegetable stuffing and some kind of potato dish. I know I told her to teach me something simple, but I do not have any idea what she was talking about as we shop for the ingredients. Did I mention to her that I could not cook at all?

I did not. It was proven when she gave me a flat look as she asked me to do something with the vegetables. Of course I only tried to fiddle with them based on my understanding of what she told me to do. I had no idea that I was doing exactly the wrong thing. “Wait a minute. Do you even know how to cook?” She finally asked.

“Instant noodles?” I answered sheepishly.

Her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets when she heard my answer. “This is gonna be a disaster. Let’s just pray for the best outcome then.” She said shaking her head. What can the best outcome be with me in the kitchen?

After a several scoldings, ‘what are you doing?!’ remarks, finger burns and cuts, the chicken and potatoes were finally cooked. I would say that all my hard work and Kyle’s patience paid off. The dishes smelled and looked really nice. It tasted pretty good as well, or at least my taste buds say so. I am saved from a great humiliation and it was all thanks to Kyle. She even prepared a pitcher of drinks that I do not know what was made of.

Because she helped me with preparing everything, she had to rush for her date tonight. I felt sorry about holding her back but it was not a big deal for her. I do not even know how I could ever thank her for her help. But my sincerity towards her and her kindness all disappeared quickly. The condition that she is yet to set which I had completely forgotten suddenly returned to haunt me.

Before she left, she smriked at me and said, “So, my condition is for you to confess. Tonight.” With that as her parting words, she disappeared behind the door.

I was not even able to say anything back. I don’t know if I even remember to breath then, but I was sure that my eyes were as wide as the globe and I felt my heart dropped to my stomach. She couldn’t be serious right?

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Chapter Twenty-Six >>

Subject for revision. Are you watching FIFA World Cup 2014? Just asking because I’m affected by all the hype. 😉 And, by the way, I came up with a few new stories in my head but I wish that a good writer could do it for me. I still like to read more than to write.


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