The Night I Met You

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The guys came to my house to eat like our house is their exclusive restaurant. They always do that but this was the first time that they informed me beforehand. I thought it was weird and they were definitely up to something but I didn’t care at the moment. I fixed them some dishes all the while singing some songs I remember. My sister even told me that I was freaking her out but I do not understand what she meant. I was just happy so I sang. I don’t see anything that could be wrong with that.

They arrived just when I finished cooking their requests. Well, they couldn’t complain even if I haven’t finished it by then. I only had coffee as I watch them devour the foods that I spent over an hour to prepare. The monsters only took exactly twenty minutes to finish a plate of pasta good for six people, a whole spring chicken, and a bucket of potato wedges. Maybe I should start charging them, otherwise my savings would be done in if they kept this up. As they did in the dishes I prepared, I noticed how they kept stealing glances at me and then exchanging glances with each other. They probably thought that I did not notice their strange behavior. I was right to think that something was up with them but I kept quiet about it. I was prepared for the worst.

“Uhm, dude, are you not feeling well?” Chris finally broke the silence.

“No, the opposite actually, I feel great.” It sounded too brightly than I had intended to.

“I guess you had a great time then.” Mark said as if implying something.

“I wonder…” I simply answered.

“Okay dude, whatever it is you can talk to us about it. Just, please, wipe that fcking grin off your face.” Nate spoke frantically. “You’re freaking me out.”

It was the same thing as what my sister told me earlier but I had no idea what he was talking about. I looked at Mark and Chris and they both said ‘freaky’ in agreement to Nate. Freaky, eh? Wait, are they talking about me? “Hey! What do you mean?!” I demanded.

“Turn around.” Mark replied. I did and faced my own reflection in the mirror. I saw nothing wrong with me. I was the same old me except maybe I was a little bit delighted than normal. “So, what is wrong?” I asked innocently.

“Everything. Everything about you today is wrong.” Nate answered.

“C’mon dude. Just tell us what happened last night.” Chris said.

“I told you nothing, right?” I answered.

“Ah, of course something happened. Otherwise you wouldn’t grin widely, and weirdly, every time we said last night.” Chris explained. “There, see.” I turned to face the mirror again and there it is – the freaky grin that Nate told me to wipe off my face.

“And do you really think you can keep secrets from us?” Mark asked, or more like stated like it was a given.

“Fine. But it was lame so I really had no intention of saying it.” I told them.

“Then you shouldn’t have met us right before that happened. You’re someone who couldn’t contain his happiness after all.” Mark stated matter-of-factly.

I forgot. It was a fact that I just remembered. The last people I should see right after something good happened to me would be these people I call friends. They knew me well enough to see through me easily.

“You only have one option and you knew it. So, speak up.” Chris said.

“Yes, yes.” I told them most of everything that happened last night leaving little details out. I spoke enthusiastically of how we watched the meteor shower in the rooftop and that we were lying side by side and talked about random stuff. It was so romantic that I was all giddy inside as it happened. It was a really good date, just lying side by side and talking about our lives. I also told them how Angel fell asleep there and that I carried her princess-style to one of the rooms. I probably sounded too sappy when I was saying it because I could see that Nate is pretty disgusted.

“And?” The three of them chorused. How they knew that it did not end at that?

“That is all.” I repeated trying to cover up that which I did not want to tell them most.

“There was no reason for you to be that happy from just that. You’re no telling us the most important part.” Mark stated. I hate how my friends knew me so well.

“I really don’t want to tell you because it was very lame.”I answered.

“You kissed her while she’s asleep right?” Chris said casually.

“How did you know that?!” I was caught off guard. How could he possibly know.

“Dude, are you seriously kidding me? It’s so easy to tell.” He answered.

“You kissed a sleeping girl?” Nate asked incredulously with a smirk on his face. “Spell lame, dude.”

“I know. And that’s why I don’t want to tell you.” I eyed Nate warily trying to make him remember what they did yesterday. He only smiled sheepishly as he kept quiet to himself. “But what can you do when the person you like is sleeping right beside you looking all defenseless? Nothing but to just place you lips against hers without her knowing it. What’s more? She looked so damn cute when she sleeps, Angel suits her fine for a name. And she was just there right beside me. It was like fate telling me that I only have that one chance to act upon my desires. But after I kissed her, she suddenly opened her eyes and dude, it felt like my heart stopped right then. I thought of all the various possibilities that might happen after that in just a second. I really thought I was a goner but then it turned out that she was just half-asleep. Sometimes I want to believe that she’s a little devil trying to manipulate me but no, she’s actually just clueless.” I continued to rant not paying attention to the faces the three guys were making. After I finished, it was quiet for a while before they burst out laughing. I don’t see anything funny though.

“Never knew this would be really interesting.” Mark said in between his laughter fit.

“Should have urged him on earlier.” Nate stated. “I couldn’t imagine Jay being whipped any more than this.”

“I’m not whipped!” I defended.

“Whatever you say.” The three chorused.

I grumbled under my breath. “But it was kinda sad to think that our first kiss was something that she will never know of. It felt like I’d be lying to her when she believed that our first kiss is actually our second.” I mumbled.

“And you’re saying that there would be another one eh?” Chris remarked.

“You’re a lost case dude.” Nate teased.

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, there’s something else.” I paused and looked at them one by one. “She’s cooking for me tonight. She already invited me over.” I informed them proudly. I watched their reactions but it wasn’t what I expected. They only gave me a fat look.

“Is she a good cook?” Chris asked.

“Hmmm…No idea.” I answered.

“Besides Max, you’re the best cook I know. And I don’t think she can cook.” Nate remarked. “So there’s no point for you to be that excited.”

“The fact that she’s making something for me is what excites me. And even if her cooking is horrible I would still eat it clean.” I responded confidently.

“Are you sure about that? You studied cooking until your skill reached that level just because you are way too picky with taste.” Mark reminded me. “And now you’re saying that you’re gonna eat a horrible dish? There’s just no way in hell man.”

“Whipped…” the twins chorused in a sing-song manner.

I opened my mouth to retort but nothing came out. The guys just looked at me as if challenging me to prove it wrong but I couldn’t. It was frustrating that these guys are actually spot on about it and I couldn’t talk back. It was even more frustrating because I know that they are right and I don’t feel any different about Angel. But to be actually called whipped…Am not really one, am I?

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