The Night I Met You

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31st October XXXX

It was exactly midnight when I witnessed a heavenly show that could only be seen once in ten years. It was yet another new experience for me, and I would definitely not forget it together with the other things that he let me see or experience for the first time. Somehow he knew how to make me happy; it maybe because he knew very well how to treat girls properly. Either way, I was glad to have met him.

In my entire years of living, I have never thought that a night sky could be so tantalizing. It was one of the most marvelous things that I have set my eyes on. It was a kind of starry night that existed all along but I just never noticed. I have always disliked dark places but I realized that not everything in the darkness is all frightening things. Meteors could only be visible from land when night envelopes the sky. Fireflies could only glow beautifully in the dark. If not for Jacob, I probably would have not seen any of those. I would definitely not realize that there were things that could only shine their brightest when enshrouded in the darkness. If I think about it, I was supposed to be in my darkest time, but Jacob came and he shone brightly, too brightly that every nook of my life was illuminated. He was like my light, and he continued to be one.

He brought me to the rooftop of their house without telling me anything about his plans, which is something that he always does – a surprise. Eventually, he informed me that we are out there to look at the stars. The view from their rooftop was great. It was facing the back of their house which is just a vast greenery of trees, and in the far distance were city lights. That scenery alone was beautiful, but the starry sky that I could see from there was something else. It was a picture of a river of stars that slowly flows across the vast heavens; each star twinkling beautifully decorating the evening sky with their brilliance. It was exceptionally beautiful and simply breathtaking. No, even the word beautiful is an understatement.

The thought that I am lying beside Jacob under a starlit sky kind of made me uneasy. It made me uneasy but it doesn’t feel wrong that he is by my side as I watch something this beautiful. It was strange but it felt right. Maybe it was because I have been spending most of my time with him recently that I think this way. I believe it would be better to bring his girlfriend for something like this, but I don’t think he has one yet. Is it because I am occupying too much of his time that he wasn’t able to find one? Then, we wouldn’t be able to be together like this if he ever had one right? Somehow, that thought alone made me feel strange, like there was something heavy in my chest. It was a feeling that I couldn’t put into words. I wonder if I maybe somehow not feeling well?

As we were lying side by side in the mat that he placed on the ground, snuggled comfortably in the blankets he prepared, we talked about random things. He informed me that stargazing was how he and his dad used to spend time together. Yes, past tense.  At one point I felt sad and remembered something that happened in the past. It was something that I wanted to forget and at the same time not. I could sympathize with him because I also know the feeling of losing someone dear to me. But the sadness I felt did not last long. He changed the topic to something about me. He mentioned that I have not told him anything about myself or my life. I have always thought that no one would be interested in my dull and boring life. If I were to use colors to describe my life, it would be gray, and that says it all. I was decided on not saying anything or maybe only a few basic details about me that everyone knew, but he said something that made me change my mind. It goes like ‘if I think that my life is boring, it was only because I did not know that there were people out there who would trade anything to have the life that I am living.

Somehow, it made me feel bad. I did not tell him though. It made me feel bad because I realized that when I look at the bigger picture, I have a good life but it seems that I did not know it and that I dislike my life. I have always envied people who are outgoing and can express themselves openly, but I never stopped to think and reflect upon my own self. I just thought ‘I want to be like them’ or ‘how can I be like them’. I never thought of why do I want to be one of them or what’s wrong with my current self that I want to be like them. I don’t hate my life. I just feel that there was nothing in it; that it was lacking. But Jacob made me realize that it was not bad at all. ‘If I think that my life is too boring, I can just paint it with fun.’ It does not matter whether my lifestyle is simple. If I was living a happy life then that was good enough. I was actually lucky to be me. I was fortunate to be born as who I am. It was not like there is nothing in my life. I just did not know how to appreciate them better.

It was when I was telling him about my family that noticed a couple of shooting stars. I couldn’t believe that I saw that much in just one night. Like a kid, I made a wish with every single one. Then he told me to lie down again and enjoy the show. It was then that I learned about the meteor shower that only happens once in ten years. I was really excited since it was my first time seeing a lot of shooting stars fall at once. At first they came one after another. Then the frequency and number increased and soon, I could see several trail of lights crossing the sky. It was different from what I had in mind. I have always thought that meteor shower is when a lot of shooting stars fall all at once but I was wrong. It came slowly but the excitement from seeing several shooting stars was still there. I was not disappointed at all.

I did not know when I fell asleep but I woke up in one of the rooms in Jacob’s house. I felt kind of embarrassed that I slept over at their place without knowing it. Her sister even lent me clothes so I could change into fresh ones. I also had a good dream last night. I could not remember what it was about but it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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