The Night I Met You

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31st October XXXX

It all started after I ended the call with Jacob and continued until the moment he appeared.  There were two incidents but I don’t know if they were related or not. I could only hope so because the first incident is still bothering me although I have forgotten about it throughout the day.

After I ended the call with Jacob, I returned to watching the cartoon show that my cousin likes to watch. It was actually my cousin and Kyle who were watching it a moment ago but they went to somewhere else again. I am about to head out in an hour or so as well, and it made me realize just how sad my apartment was feeling without her residents almost the whole time. It was then that my phone rang. The screen displayed a private number and without hesitation, I answered the call.

“Hello?” I greeted.

I waited patiently for the caller to say something but it was in vain. There was no answer or any sound coming from the other line. I thought it was weird but did not mind it at all. It could be a prank call, and by luck they got my number right. I ended the call and placed the phone back on the couch. I am about to change the TV channel but my phone rang once again displaying another private number. I answered the call but just like the first call, there was no answer or sound coming from the other line. I ended the call but before I could put the phone down, a private number called again.

I hesitated to pick up the call. If it was a prank call like the ones earlier, then there was no point in answering it. But it could also be about an emergency and that the other line was having a problem. Betting on the latter, I answered the call. I waited longer than I did during the first two calls and fortunately, something came on the line. It was a static noise mixed with faint noises or muffled voices. I could not understand anything, everything was just faint sounds. I still stayed on the line but it was hopeless. I decided to end the call and if it really was an emergency they will be sure to call again.

Roughly thirty minutes have passed since the last call and I received nothing again. I only slouched lazily on the couch waiting for him to pick me up. Suddenly I heard knocking sounds coming from the main door of my apartment. It was kind of weird because we have a doorbell placed just beside the door, making it visible to anyone. I went to the main door and peeked through the hole. I tried to survey the area but there was nothing I could see from my position. It was against my apartment’s rule to open the door without knowing the person standing on the other end so I returned to the couch. However, the same thing happened twice afterwards. Sometimes, kids from the other units play along the corridors and knock on doors and maybe it was just them. The weird thing was that I could not see any person standing in the corridor.

Minutes passed since then and my phone suddenly rang. I expected it to be Jacob but the screen displayed otherwise. It was a call from a private number. I answered the call and I cringed from hearing a high-pitched static noise mixed in with muffled sounds. I continued to stay on the line hoping to get an audible word from the caller. But it was fruitless. A private number called again but this time I was able to get something. The static noise was still there but I could hear someone speaking on the other line. It was barely audible but the person spoke the words repeatedly that I managed to make it out. It was a voice of a woman saying, “Help me.”

When I realized it, I was speechless. I had no idea what was going on or how I could help her. I do not know her whereabouts or what is happening to her. I became a little anxious as to what I should do but before I could ask her anything, the call got cut off. Thoughts came running inside my head. Should I call the police? But I have no idea what I should tell them. I don’t know the situation. I could not explain anything to them. They could even say that it was a prank call. I waited for the next call from the same caller. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. There was nothing.

What happened? Would she not call again? Then how should I know how to help her? Was it really just a prank call? But what if it was real and I was the only person who knew about it? What should I do? As I was pondering on the course of actions that I should take, my phone rang again. It was another call from a private number. I immediately answered the call and waited. At first there was nothing on the other line. Then the static noise came followed by a loud scream. “HELP ME!”

I was startled that I jumped from the couch and almost dropped my phone. I was petrified. My heart was beating hard against my chest. What was that? I placed the phone back to my ear but the call was cut off. I stood still waiting for another call. It was then that the door bell rang loudly in the front room. It startled me so much that I dropped my phone. It was probably Jacob. I dashed to the door and saw him standing on the other side. I quickly unbolted the locks and when I turned the knob, the door swung open.

The next thing I knew was that I was sitting on the floor after being easily dragged to the other end of the room by two people clad in black clothing and masks. I was tight lipped. I could not understand what was going on. I was in a state of shock.

Both of them were taller than me and their body, even under the loose clothing seemed well-built. Their hold in my arms were strong as well and I knew instantly that I could not fight back against them. Who were these people? What happened to Jacob? One person bent down before me and said something. It was a voice of a guy and I heard him but I was too panicked to understand his words. He repeated himself in an impatient, threatening tone. “What are you giving us?”

Give them? Was this robbery? But wouldn’t the people in the lobby be able to notice them? What about the security? Or are they occupying the whole building and was holding everyone as hostage? But is that even possible? Before I could speak up, the second person, also a guy, spoke. “He’s asking you.” He said in a threatening manner.

“I-I don’t know.” I stuttered. I could still feel my heart crashing against my chest.

“Why? Don’t you know what day it is?” The first guy asked again. Day? What does he mean?

“N-no.” I answered mindlessly.

“That’s too bad then.” He said humorlessly. Then the second guy whispered something to him. Have they decided what to do with me? Is there a way I could ask for help? Where’s my cousin? Where is Jacob?

They positioned themselves before me, and in a swift motion they removed their masks and cheered something but I was too frantic to understand anything. I was once again shocked when I saw their faces – their familiar faces. What’s going on? My mind was having difficulty in figuring out why Mark and Nate were both standing before me, both clad in the black clothing and holding their masks. To top it off, they were laughing hard, especially Nate. In a matter of seconds, their laughing expression turned into that of grim, as if they saw death before them.

I noticed someone appeared in the doorway. My sight was blurry but I knew that it was Jacob. He paced towards me and assisted me to stand but my knees were too weak to do so. In a swift movement, he was able to lift me off the ground like it was nothing, and carried me princess-style to the couch. I was unable to react. I was still in a state of shock. He sat beside me facing my direction. One of his hands made its way to my face, wiping tears from my cheeks. Soon, he pulled me to his chest and held me in his arms, his hand caressing the back of my head. I could feel his warmth. I could smell his scent. It calmed me down. His mere presence is enough to calm me. But when he placed a kiss on my forehead my tears stopped almost immediately. My emotions rampaged inside me. I was brought back to my senses.

“They forced me into this. But are you okay, Angel?” He whispered, sincerity lining his voice.

“What was going on?” I asked, curious to know what is happening.

He pushed me a little from him and sheepishly said, “Well, uhm…trick or treat!”

Trick or treat? It took me another minute and a look on my phone to figure out what was actually going on. It was Halloween. I just don’t know why these big guys are celebrating it. “Isn’t that for kids?’ I asked confused.

“What are you saying?! We’re forever kids!” Nate complained but it only took him one glare from Jacob to instantly shut up.
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Chapter Twenty-Two>>

Like always, subject for editing. There might be inconsistencies with the previous chapters, but I will revise them in the future.

NOTE: For anyone who is a Wattpad reader/fanatic here and happens to be reading this story, please note that there is a story with the same title – The Night I Met You – on the site/app. That story created by heyitsaneca is different from this one despite having the same title.

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