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07/01/2014 § Leave a comment

So I thought up of a new title for all my random blabbers for this year. It was there. Yep, up there. 🙂

My Life By Days journal kind of thing will not be changed for this will be under that catergory. But I just want something new. It was a new year after all. And isn’t the title just fitting for what it will be about?

Life Report: Well, nothing new. Except that I am back to reading mangas (Japanese comic) which was really nothing out of the ordinary. I have been reading several mangas but my current favorite was Teru Teru x Shounen. I have always loved ninjas since watching the anime Flame of Recca. Then came Naruto but I was never a fan of it. TTS was a shoujo manga but I loved the story. Try reading it if you want. 🙂

Besides my all time reading hobby, I have gone back to art – my first love. I was never good in lettering but seeings the work of a friend just made me try it. My most recent works are below. They aren’t grand; just some simple letters and numbers mixed with colors and design.




I am also living on a tight budget this month. I’ve been a grand shopper for the past months so I wanted to live by the whole of January without spending so much, on clothes and food especially. Luckily, I have just enough on stock so I could probably get by. I think that a S$200 allowance for the whole month is enough for my feat.

Writting Report. Since holidays are over, I think I am getting the proper mood back for writing. The Night I Met You is still on progress even though I wanted to have it finished by the end of twenty-thirteen. I’m currently working on Chapter Fifteen and it will be just a simple chapter for the start of the year. And it was odd but I felt like another scene I wrote in the story happened to me. The first thing was receiving white roses out of the blue from a friend when I last visited Philippines. Then the recent one was waking up from a call from an unknown number. I wonder if other things from the story will happen to me again?

When I finished the story, I will probably edit it big time. Add this , add that, remove this, remove that….something like that will definitely happen. And the plot of the story is only for seven days, so I am nearing the ending. I just need to make the flow of the story right for that. I can do this! After this story is completed, I will continue the unpublished story I put on hiatus.


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