Welcome, continued reality

04/01/2014 § Leave a comment

Another year had passed. Holiday season is over. But the spirit of Chrismas and New Year season is still hanging in the air. But with all the fesitive mood, eating until you can’t anymore, drinking until you fall, and spending galore ending, it was time to step back to reality.

2014 is not a new beginning but more of a continued story of our reality. It was like continuing on to a new chapter of a book. The fact that it was another added year in the story does not change though. So, what will become of the next three hundred sixty-one days and nineteen hours? Who knew right? And right now, no one probably gives a damn. But when December once again comes around, most of us will think of what happened to the last eleven months. We all go, “Shit! Nothing happened in my life!” or something like that. But right now, since it was still very early in the year, we are full of energy to do everything that we think we can accomplish for the whole of twenty-fourteen.

This was the time when new year’s resolution is everywhere. “Save more!”, “Be fit!” and “Live healthy!” are probably written down in the journals, post-it’s stuck on the walls, bulletins and whatever medium to remind ourselves about what we wanted to accomplish this year. We are filled with the good vibes. We feel like we can do anything. But can we really?

I am not saying that no one actually achieved the goal with regards to new year resolutions. But let’s be real. Not many people follow that. We can’t sustain all the positive vibes throughout the year. We don’t have all the time in the world to go to the gym or run for hours. We are living the kind of lifestyle that doesn’t even allow us to eat healthily. BUT it doesn’t mean that we can’t accomplish the objectives we set for the year.

We just need to be more realistic in making those new year resolutions so that they don’t end up only for January. Would it make sense of having “I will go to the gym everyday.” when your work schedule doesn’t allow you to? Again, be realistic. If your goal is to be fit, you don’t really have to go to the gym every single day right? I mean, that’s just torture. Why not just go to the gym on weekend afternoons and spend like two hours there. At least you can still hangout with your friends or colleagues on Friday nights and sleep-in on Saturday mornings.

Anyway, point is be realistic in making that life-chaing list. Think of ways on how you can actually achieved the goal at the end of the year. Don’t just write it down and post it up; do it!

So, this ended up in being about new year resolutions. I did not plan on that. I’m a Ram/Goat/Sheep and my Chinese horoscope says I will be lucky this year. Okay, not exactly but it will be a good year for me. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, does’t really matter. After all, we are the ones who live our lives and make our fates. Anyway, three days late but, Have a prosperous new year everyone!


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