We are humans.

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I grew up in Philippines and lived in that beautiful country that was loved by the sun and abundant in natural resources for almost my entire life. I would admit that living there was difficult since that was what I saw when I stepped outside my comfort zone to see a world I was not used to seeing as a kid.

My family was pretty well off and I could say that I was well-provided. That was something I only realized when I entered college in my latter teenage years. Ever since learning what type of world was beyond the comfort of my own dimensions, I have always thought that I was a lucky person. I actually always thanked God for it. And yes, my religion was Roman Catholic but I was never the religious type. I grew up praying every single night and talking to him. That was the closest I have been with Him. I was never a church-goer but recently I have been doing so. I used to go to the chapel of my university when I feel uneasy and stressed out. It felt like being within His house brings calm and peace within me.

My country had always been labeled as a Catholic nation having more than ninety percent of it’s population part of the religion. There were also several historical churches scattered throughout the archipelago. And just to mention, they are worth visiting because they were one of the most beautiful architectures present in the country. Well, I say that because I was fond of old and rustic buildings.

There were so much things to love in my country like the beautiful beaches, lovely scenery, sunshine although it gets too hot sometimes, and fresh crops straight from the trees. Despite my country suffering from poverty, I still think and believe that there was still hope for the economy to one day be prosperous. That could be a far off dream of mine for my nation but it was never impossible. I have always believed that when the resources of my country have been properly handled, the economy will boom affecting the lives of every citizens. It was a pretty dream eh?

But my dream would only remain a dream unless the people managing my country were the right leaders that everyone had always wished for. I am still being realistic. So, it would be impossible to have the economy of the Philippines be prosperous in one term. Government was like a big organization and their process was incredibly slow. It had always been like that. The reason why most of the Filipinos have given up hope for the government and the Philippines itself. I could still hold onto a tiny silver lining right? It had always been a dream of mine for my country to prosper and for my fellow countrymen to live a simple but proper life with bits of luxury.

Despite the situation my country had always been, I am still proud to be a Filipino and that I came from the Philippines. I have never been ashamed of anything from my country. That was until today though. Philippines have always been visited by several storms, typhoons and other calamities. The most recent one was the worst recorded in my country’s history – Super Typhoon Haiyan. But I couldn’t account a natural disaster for anything though. What I was embarrassed about was the government of my country.

In the past few years, it would seem that typhoons visiting the country have always been the strong ones that would never forget to leave casualties behind. Typhoons always equal to floods, damaged properties and crops, and worst, lost lives. And Haiyan was by far the worst that came to the country. It hit parts of the central Philippines which was the Visayas region. So far, what I heard was that Tacloban, Leyte received the worst damaged. Actually, it did not just received damaged or casualties. The city had been almost wiped out.

I was never one who was updated of the current events going on in my country. But the talk about the Super Typhoon Haiyan was just so bad that it got me curious. I never expected what I saw online though. The city became rubble after the typhoons passed by. Stone houses were brought down. Thousands of lives were lost. Properties and businesses became nothing. Survivors were weeping for everything they have lost.

The typhoon did not only wiped out the city, it caused distressed to the survivors as an aftermath. Coping up with a tragedy was never easy. Coping up with lost loved ones had always been difficult. Add to those the trauma incurred by experiencing a category five typhoon and the so-called storm surge. A person of weak will will definitely go insane.

The worst part of the aftermath was that the survivors became way too desperate because of hunger and distressed. What became of Tacloban was like the survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom. People were ready to steal and kill for the sake of food. I couldn’t blame the despair they have in their hearts though. If I was probably in that situation, I wouldn’t have been able to handle such trial in a fair way. It was either I die or kill to survive.

I feel pity for the survivors in Tacloban. But I pity the government of the Philippines more. I should be angry at them but no. It wasn’t like that at all. The President, Vice-President, Senate members, Congressman and every one in the government have been entrusted by the people to lead the country, make every thing better and help them in times of need. It was just a big disappointment to me, and most likely everyone, how the response of the very leaders that the survivors hoped to rescue them was unbelievably slow. Today was probably the day six or seven since the calamity occurred, but aid was yet to come.

My friend told me that the leaders were still playing the blame game. Is this really the time to know who should be responsible for a ‘natural disaster’? No matter how prepared a city could be for the upcoming calamity, no one could really be that prepared to avoid any casualties. It already happened. Who was to blame for whatever case they come up with could wait for the next months or even years like it had always been. The country’s people were growing more desperate by the second. Help was more needed by the survivors than to find out the person at fault.

On the brighter side, a single calamity experienced by the Philippines have brought the world together. The areas affected by Haiyan, Tacloban especially, have caught the attention of the entire world. Philippines was once again in the spotlight, but it was not anywhere near good. Several people, various organizations and different countries have extended their hands to help people they don’t even know. Relief goods, military support and even money donations have been announced to the entire world to be provided to the typhoon-struck areas of the Philippines. And each and every one of them were aware of the corruption that has been going on in the the country. Hence support have been mostly provided to the non-government organizations. Sorry, Malacañang. If your people are wise, there were more wiser people outside your kingdom.

This was not a post meant to collect donations for the surviving victims of the typhoon-struck areas in the Philippines. But donations are probably still accepted by various organizations. Please do extend your help if you are able to. Anyway, I just wanted a medium to let my emotions flow.

To the entire world that have been praying for and providing support to those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan, especially in the Philippines, I am offering my heartfelt thanks. It was a little return as compared to what you have been given, and many people may have been doing so, but I hope that everyone still continues to help out people in need. Not only desperate people who survived from calamities. In our daily lives, there have always been people needing help in different forms. We are of the same species, only separated by seas. We are humans. So let us continue to act like one.


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