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She’s sitting in the dark

crying for her heart

I found her in the park

all broken apart.

She said…she lost her dreams

along with her peers

even if she screams

she couldn’t stop the tears.

On a moonlit night

with the starry skies

she shines so bright

even while she cries.

And I said…just cry all she wants

I will catch every drop

her wishes I will grant

if it can make the tears stop.

She said…she wants them back

her dear, precious friends

and she couldn’t keep track

of all the times they spent.

I said…this world could be little

but lots of people she could meet

and life is always a battle

we have to be strong to succeed.

Her wound is too deep

it’s a kind of pain I know

like you’re being ripped

and the process is insanely slow.

Her tears were beautiful

they were precious like gems

but seeing them is painful

’cause she’s crying for them.

So I said…she’s too broken

that’s why she can’t fly

’cause she fell from heaven

she’s an angel is my lie.

I saw her smile

it’s sweet and sparkly

so I stayed for a while

to keep her company.

She said…she doesn’t wanna leave

but it was painful to stay

she doesn’t wanna grieve

and be alone for a day.

And I said…just decide to stay

the changes she will see

I’ll just be here to play

and wait for all eternity.

It’s on a moonlit night

when I found her heart

she’s quite a sight

’cause she was broken apart.

It’s on a starry night

when she has fallen

She was like a light;

she’s an angel from heaven.

I said…she’s an angel

but she won’t believe

she could be my angel

only if she agreed.


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§ One Response to Angel

  • buddhananda says:

    Very nice poem, I like angels, and I believe in their existence. I met a very beautiful angel one day while I was meditating. He told me his name, it was Nathanael and I checked two or three days after, it is an Hebrew name which means “gift of God” !
    Please feel free to pass by at buddhameditation.wordpress.

    best wishes

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