The Night I Met You

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She’s definitely a babe.

Leaving the house at five forty-five and driving up to her place was certainly the right choice. Sure, I waited standing outside her apartment’s building for about three quarters, but that was absolutely worth the chance.

I’d pretty much force her into hanging out with me using all nonsense I could think of as an excuse. Like my friends were busy with stuff, my mom was out of town, and my sister would be with friends. In short I am alone. Lame, I know. I don’t freaking need a babysitter at eighteen. It’s just that…how do I say it…well, I actually couldn’t think of the right words. She’s just too broken the first time I met her, so maybe I just wanted to make sure that she’s fine and would still be living the following day. Yeah, something like that.

I had the day planned out, from morning to evening and how things would go. It would be a day packed with surprises and unexpected things for her. That was what I was certain of. Or at least I hope so. My friends have always told me that I have a rather odd choice for certain things. And the plan for this date was definitely one of those oddities. Weird ideas just popped in my head and so the plan came to be. I can at least hope that the girl would have fun because I definitely would.

The reactions that I would be seeing on her were something that I was looking forward to. Actually, I couldn’t wait to see them. I liked to tease girls, my sister especially but she was a given. That was not always the case though. I always make sure to draw the line between teasing and flirting. Otherwise the girls will definitely put me on the friend-zone and I certainly wouldn’t want that. There were benefits I wouldn’t be able to enjoy in that ‘friend’ status.

I was sure that today’s activities would surprise her. What I didn’t consider, though, was that she would drive me nuts. And just right after I saw her too. All she did was open the door to her apartment and my mind almost went berserk on me. I came to her door planning to give her a surprise and she opened it to surprise me back big time. She was definitely not one of those girls I was usually with. At least it made me glad that I didn’t waste almost an hour of waiting for nothing. She’s actually given me an even better deal.

I thought that it was so bad that I didn’t get to see her reaction when I called her early in the morning. I mean, she was obviously pissed off and I definitely wouldn’t be able t handle her phone again. But I really wanted to see her confused and even her pissed off reaction. Oh God, I sound such a sadist.

What could she have thought upon hearing Simple Plan’s Welcome to My Life playing in her room out of nowhere? The song just started playing involuntarily in my head after I learned her story. Luckily, I found the song in her phone so I set it as my personal ringing tone even without her permission. I could just imagine how cute her reaction would be when she realized what it was about. And upon seeing the caller ID too. That would definitely be worth a laugh.

Still, I wouldn’t exchange the chance to see her in the morning for that reaction. I could just create another opportunity for that. But the sight of her right out of bed, I don’t think I would be that lucky again. It was absolutely worth waiting an hour for. How she could appear so sexy when she just woke up, I could only wonder. I was just really glad to make the right choice to try and give her a wake-up call. And her I-just-woke-up irritated, sexy voice was a bonus for my blunder.

I only planned to wake her up so we could have the breakfast that I prepared. It never really occurred to me that I would see her in what seemed to be the clothes that she slept on last night. Or this morning rather since I sent her home at twelve-thirty. She was wearing a t-shirt, too big for her size that hung loose on her up to mid-thigh. Whether she was wearing shorts underneath that, I wouldn’t know. But I guess that Imagination could fix that. She looked so damn hot and sexy that I fought the strong urge to pin her in the wall and kiss the life out of her. However, as much as it turned me on, it also frustrated me when I realized that what she was wearing was actually a guy’s shirt that could belong to his ex. That damn cheater.

Checking girls out was a habit. At least I wasn’t that obvious. But when I caught her doing the same to me, I couldn’t help but feel smug about it and say something to her. There was a faint blush that made its way to her cheeks which was cute. She said that she was thinking of ways to strangle me, but for all I knew, I looked irresistibly hot in my plain outfit. It was a wonder even to me. I looked better in plain shirts and jeans. Well, just a little better than other outfits but better nonetheless.

There was another annoying thought that filled my mind as I stood before her though – the girl doesn’t seem to have any sense of danger at all. It kind of pissed me off that she would just get up and opens the door to strangers and even let them see her in her bedtime clothes. Maybe it was just my protective brother instinct that was the same with my sister. I would never let her walk out of the house in pieces of garments she called fashion.

At least my sister has some sense in her. But this girl, she was completely defenseless. First, I see her by herself in a park in the middle of the night. Then she let someone she barely knew in her place, and sees her in her bedtime clothes too. Next thing I knew, she already left me, who was actually a stranger, alone in her place. It bothers me to be found by her cousin all alone in her place and be questioned. Or worst, be questioned by the police. A girl would definitely freak out when she found a stranger in her house in the morning right? It was too early for visiting hours too. To be by myself in her place was not part of the plan. I was thinking that I could have a good breakfast time with her. But no, she just has to go and change her clothes.

As I was left by myself, I walked around her apartment waiting for her. CDs of various foreign musicians were placed above the player. Much to my own surprise, some of them were Simple Plan’s. It means she liked them right? At least we have something in common. Many framed art works hung on the walls and several pictures were also stuck in a huge cork board. Most of the pictures were of her smiling brightly with a guy of the same age. With his looks, he’s definitely a good competition. It was probably his ex. Some was of her with a pretty girl and another guy. I assumed the girl to be the best friend and the guy, no idea. Maybe the best friend’s ex or something now.

Was she still hung up on the asshole? Oh damn. Why do I even care? Moreover, she couldn’t have taken out all the pictures since everything just happened yesterday. Still it kind of pissed the hell out of me. Girls like to keep memories, but I was in no position to talk to her about it. I was nothing to her but a stranger. Okay, less than strangers sounded a lot better.

Does a girl usually take thirty minutes just to change clothes? Maybe, but no. I really thought that I was the one who has a package of surprises ready. Little had I known that she had prepared some as well. Rather, she was a walking surprise herself. Scratch her changing clothes deal. She was doing more than that. When I neared another door hidden from the front room, I heard the sound of the water flowing. I stopped right before the door, frozen still in place. She was freaking taking a shower while she left a stranger by himself in her apartment. Naive. Defenseless. Almost dumb.

Images of her naked body flashed in my mind immediately. Could you blame me? I’m a guy after all. Her flawless, fair skin with water droplets clinging to it, her hair stuck together and dripping wet, the smooth curves of her body and her soft, luscious lips. Everything in her just seemed perfect in my head. Would reality be the same? I wish so. I want that hot little body against mine. Fuck, I need to snap out of it.

Before I completely lost my mind, I walked back to the front room with heavy strides and sat in the couch properly, all the while trying to even my breathing. She couldn’t be serious right? She took a shower without even letting me know and left me alone in her house like an idiot. Okay, she really doesn’t need my permission since it was her house. But I am a guy for crying out loud. And someone she barely knew for that matter.

I groaned in frustration. Completely defenseless. Why was she like that? Her simple actions were affecting me so much. She just does nothing but turned me on every single time. Actually, she does absolutely nothing but still managed to put me on the edge. I had to calm myself down and clear my mind of the dirty thoughts. I could be that nice-guy-next-door but I’m not a saint alright. Guys are freaking monsters inside.

Luckily, I received a text message – something to help me clear my mind. It was mom asking me where the heck I was. Did she not get my note in the fridge? I replied back as to my location and that I was on a date. The text message conversation went on a little more with my mom trying to get the details out of me. She said that she wanted to meet the girl and for all I knew, she was already planning on how she would meet her. She was one crazy mother but I love her. I maybe what you would call a ‘mama’s boy’.

As I was trying to respond to mom again, Little Miss Sexy Hot Angel stepped into the room, her mood drastically uplifted. Could just a simple shower make so much difference? And yes, you got that right. She looked so damn, irresistibly hot. Just looking at her is already making me a sinner. She was wearing a black tank top that clung to her body nicely and a pair of light-washed jeans showing off her hot little ass. Her hair was dripping wet, every drop caught by the towel that was hanging around her shoulders. The wet look was too sexy, and I could feel my body reacting just from the sight of her. She would kill me one day if this keeps up.

I placed the phone in the couch when I noticed that she was looking at me. “Took you forty minutes just to shower?” I tried to sound annoyed, and thankfully I pulled it off perfectly. I don’t want her to think that I find her too damn beautiful.

She placed a hand on her hips, and cocked an eyebrow. “I was supposed to be asleep until ten. Don’t complain about that measly forty minutes. And if you’re forgetting, I’m a girl.”

I shrugged. “Just thought you might have slipped, hit your head, and died. Anyway, breakfast was getting cold.” At the mention of breakfast, I felt my stomach protesting from hunger.

“Yeah, yeah. Just a moment.” She waved a hand at me and proceeded to her room. Seriously? Did she know that had I wanted to, I could just corner her in her own room and just enjoy myself there? Jesus, she’s driving me nuts. I groaned in frustration when she closed the door of the room. I was just thankful the cousin she was living with has not made an appearance of any sort.

I quickly sent the message to my mom and waited for her to come out of the room. Twenty minutes and twenty-seven seconds later, she stepped out of her cozy quarters looking sizzling hot, and by the glimpse I caught of her room, it has different shades of blue. I eyed her every movement warily as she came closer to me, looking uneasy. When she was close enough, I grabbed her hand and gently pulled her to the kitchen.

“I’m starving, famished, dying of hunger, empty stomach, in great need of food.” I announced exaggeratedly. If there was one thing that could make the little happy boy grumpy, it was food deprivation. I made a surreptitious glance at her. She was obediently trudging behind me, and pursing her lips to suppress her oh-so-sexy smile. I quickly averted my gaze from her unable to suppress my own smile. What could she have been thinking for her to smile? I don’t think I’d ever know what’s going on in that little head of hers.

I was expecting a good breakfast time with her with us talking about anything under the sun, like girls always do. I never expected a little twist that made the meal ever so awkward. Sometimes, I just couldn’t shut my freaking mouth. I just have to let the thought of us being alone in her apartment get to me. Maybe add hunger to that too and a great deal of annoyance about something I couldn’t figure out. Worst, I just have to mention his ex to her. I never wanted to mention that scumbag to her again. I did last night and it made hurt and longing visible on her face. It crushed me a little inside at the sight of it. She loved the guy. She really did. But he just has to break her heart.

I don’t really know what has gotten into me but I went all out in mentioning how defenseless and naive she was. If truth be told, she really was. What’s more is that she seemed to have just realized that when I mentioned it. I wanted her to know how grave it could be but I managed to stop myself when tears rimmed her eyes. The sight of it felt like I’m being smashed with a bulldozer inside.

I made her cry. I never intended to do that. I never wanted to see her cry again after last night. Still I couldn’t help but to see her as nothing but beautiful with tears in her eyes. Could I really be a sadist?

She could have denied and fought back about my accusations but she didn’t. Instead she accepted them to be true but shot back my words at me. It was actually my fault that I was calling her naive and defenseless. I forced her to go to a cafe with me, to drive her home and to let me in her place. It was all my stupid pervasiveness. Just what the fuck did I do? Oh, fucking simple. I made her cry.

If Max ever heard of this, I am definitely dead. I could already imagine the faces of my friends looking at me like I was some unidentified mysterious animal. Making girls cry was just a big no. I don’t know about other guys but at least for me it was like that. And most likely Max too. That act was only for grade-schoolers. But here I was, standing before a girl who I put into tears. Maybe I can crucify myself for punishment? Damn.

When tears rolled down her cheeks, I stood frozen in my place. Though I find them beautiful I still get a normal guy reaction upon seeing tears of a girl. I was only brought back to my senses when she walked out of the room. I called after her and tried to follow her but my shin bumped into the leg of the chair hindering me from moving fast. Cursing under my breath, I followed her quickly. I caught up to her and grabbed her arm. I didn’t realize that I used too much force until she fell down on the couch. Luckily it was on the couch and she was safe from any damages. A broken heart is already such a big damage and another broken part of her body is like double jeopardy.

Once again, I held her close to me, feeling her warmth against mine. For some reason holding her like that just felt perfect and serene and comfortable. Like I could stay holding her for hours. Like a perfect happy couple picture. Except that we’re not a couple and she was actually crying about another guy. She was not mine. And I am just someone who was less than a stranger to her.

We only met last night. And our meeting was weird to be honest. She mistook me for a killer while she was the subject for my dare. I was the first person she opened up about her heartbreak. And I made her cry just before our first date. Why does everything seemed so messed up between us? Or maybe it was just me. After all we’ve only known each other for a couple of hours.

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Extra, extra! I originally planned to make this as an extra chapter since I used to have trouble as to how I will put this in. But here it was, the chapter six. At least like I said before, chapter six will be Jacob’s POV.

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